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Nathan elifritz

New member
Aug 14, 2022
Columbus, Ohio
Welcome to the forum Nathan!
Size rims and tires depends on what you plan on doing. For plowing, a 23x8.50-12 works great. Not sure if a 26x12-12 will fit under the fenders. It would leave a wide compressed track in the garden too.
Like I said, it depends on what you had in mind for the tractor.
You could also try 24x12-12s to fit under your fenders, I have them on my 782 which took 23x12s stock — you probably would need spacers to clear the inside of the fenderwell, you’d have to measure. But they work great for me and would look very cool.
Also, I the think no matter what tires you have — tire chains will give you the best traction for plowing, so maybe figure in that too for fender clearance.
Bigger tires will make you go faster too! If you raise the fender pan it may not go in R or 2nd as it may hit the opening in the fender pan.
/\ a hydro wouldn’t have that problem...
Hard to make any suggestions without knowing what you are planning to do with the tractor. I will say that for a working tractor, those aluminum wheels are a poor choice, as is radically increasing the tire size. All else remaining constant, you'll have worse traction with a wider tire. I wouldn't go with the wider tire unless you need flotation for some reason. Also, FYI, those versa-turfs, which I have not personally tried but have heard good things about, are available in 23x8.50-12.
Hmmmm …the puller guys may not agree with that

There are a lot of different tradeoffs being made there to make them perform as best as possible under a very narrow set of conditions. A setup that works good with lots of power on a packed track, cut tires, etc would not work well plowing a field.

Seriously, you might be amazed how well a tractor with 6-12 rear tires will do with the same amount of weight as another with wider but otherwise similar tires.