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Narrow frame snow plow attachment

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Go to the IH cub cadet tractor forum, third thread down, CC manuals, blades and plows, Front 42 blade Op. manual 1.
Download that for all you need to know. ;)
I believe I have the correct forum. I finally have most of my Model 60 refurbished, not restored. I left the engine mostly as is as it ran before teardown. No sense “kicking a sleeping dog”. You can compare to my avitar. What’s left is attaching the blade.


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I put a rubber wear strip on my snow blade and have never been happier with how it squeegees the snow off the pavement while being gentle to the pavement too.

RubberWearStrip.com is where I got it, and it came pre-drilled to match the bolt pattern of the snow blade. Even came with hardware. I can’t imagine a better value for the dollar in a snow blade upgrade.