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Missouri Plow Day

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Jan 22, 2009
Terry Reed
The Missouri John Deere Two Cylinder Club wants, I repeat, wants garden tractors to be part of their club, including shows and plow days. This includes garden tractors of all brands, including Cub Cadets. Right now they have a plow day in the fall, but they are considering one in the spring. They are enthusiastic about allowing garden tractors to be part in their events. The only thing they required is a $20 registration fee, and with that you do get some benefits including a newsletter.

Last show, held last Saturday, May 7, I registered, as did some others including two other Cub Cadet guys. This is a chance for anyone in eastern to central Missouri, western central Illinois, and anyone else who wants to plow Missouri dirt to drop their plows in the ground in Missouri.

Next show is in St. Clair, Missouri, this coming Saturday, May 21, starting at 10 am. If you want to do some plowing and be part of this club, please come and register. And bring your tractors, regardless of brand. Last show had Farmalls along with the green and yellow, and even one Gilson. Here is next show's location:

R & R Family Center
(636) 629-4300
845 N Commercial Ave
St Clair, MO 63077

I will be posting other shows and events here.

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