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IH149 Miss you oLe Friend

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IHCC Supporter
Apr 25, 2016
Jason Wiggins
I pray you find someone who loves you a Thousand Time more than I,,,, Good Bye oLd Friend,,,,

Surely you are kidding?!!! You will kick yourself from now on, if you sell it.
Did you find another cub?
“SELL IT” No Way in H E double hockey sticks

I’ve just been seeing an awful lot of this guy lately, peeking at me around I-Beams at work. I’ve also been getting glimpses of him in my peripheral vision here lately, And Now he’s so bold as to just show up Rite at my Front Door!!!!

Although, He hasn’t rang the doorbell yet!
Thank Goodness!!!

Never seen lord of the rings, but I see what you guys are talking about. I did watch HR Puff N Stuff cartoons when I was small. Think they may have had some trees like that too. :errrr:

You sell that tractor, and there will be some of them knocking on your door for sure. And I may come up there and help them! :bottom::roflol: