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Idler Pulley for a 421 u 1113 mower deck

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New member
Sep 23, 2023
I am looking for a replacement Flat Idler Pulley for a 421 u 1113 mower deck on a '69 125. I believe I looked up the item # correctly, but item # 756-3005 shows it is 4.06" and my old one measures bigger than that...
Online chat and phone support was of no help, and they also insisted on the # from under the seat, which is hours away (and the '69 had 3 different mower decks, I believe)

Also, what is the other part in the picture? And would this also need to be replaced? Idler Pulley
Thanks for any insight you can provide, and I'm looking forward to 1 last mow for the year!https://imgur.com/a/TfB26OM
You can just replace the bearing in your pulley if you wanted to. You have to remove the rivets, split the pulley, replace the bearing and put back together with 1/4" bolts. There are videos on youtube showing how to do this.
Got a picture of what you have? It is possible someone previously replaced it with the wrong size.
There were three variations of 42" mower decks that would fit the 125. (Note, there were also 38" and 48" mower decks, each also had multiple versions as well) Your part number indoicates that it is the 42" mower deck. The one in the exploded view below is the one that is most likely the one that you have. It's distinguishing features are the round "runner" bars, item # 10 and 11. The later style had half-round runners and the earlier style had cast iron ends with built in runners. The earlier style was also a not a Quick Attach style with the rear spring loaded pins but rather used hair pins clips to hold it onto pins on the deck. Both the later versions used the same idler pulley.

42 Mower Deck.jpg

Two versions use this idler, item # 33. The earlier style did not have the spring loaded idler arm (items #34, 35, 36 and 37)

42 Mower Deck_02.jpg

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