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I HATE this new crap!

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Jun 22, 2002
Park Rapids Mn.
Does anyone know WTH this thing is?
The guy has no serial numbers, only a MFG. date.
I think it's a 1440, but not sure.
It does have the 14 horse briggs and scrap'um in it.


1440 sounds right.......
Why am I thinking about teaching old dogs new tricks?

The rear wheels have 5 lug bolts - that's a plus.
It's probably broke cause he ruined it with that seat cover...
I assume he hasn't even bothered to look at the sticker on those side panels on the floor.

It does have a proper tag on it some where. He's just not spilling the beans.
Charlie, you must have lost your touch for finding good (as in <FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT>) Cub Cadets.
It ain't mine.
It belongs to a guy in town that's to freakin lazy to load it up and bring it to me to see WTH it was, LOL

The serial number tag on the left side of the frame is gone, and all I had were the engine ID numbers to go by.
Besides, there's 2 serial number breaks on the 1440 and it makes a BIG difference between the 2 when you go get parts.
Charlie, whew... Good to know you didn't acquire that.
A few years ago I think someone said they had gotten some of the bearings that fit the rear driveshaft coupler of an 1811. These are the bearings that guide the end of the driveshaft in the cast part. Does anyone remember who it was, and if they still have some.

I replaced one in one of my tractors once by drilling holes to punch the old bearing race out. Now the other tractor needs the bearing replaced.