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Help with cub cadet lt1042 pto clutch

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Christina - First of all, welcome to the forum! I'm not familiar with the LT1042, but before buying a new PTO clutch, I recommend you rule out things like fuse, switch, safety switches, loose connections, etc as the culprit. I presume there's a connector plug on (or near) the PTO that you could disconnect, then use a small jumper wire directly to the battery to see if the PTO engages. Of course, I could be all wet - as I said, I don't know anything about that model tractor. Good luck!
I found the old electric pto clutch of my 1996 cub cadet lt1042 is not engaging, is it defective ?
How to test a pto clutch?
My thought was to buy lt1042 pto clutch online from Hexautoparts , seems it's less expensive.
Christina, Greg hit most of the points.The quick way to test the clutch is by bypassing everything in the elec.circuit.This is done with jumper wires direct from the battery posts.Unplug clutch,machine not running,key not on....Alligator clips on posts,the other ends touch the wires in plug.You should hear a snap if the magnet is working.The snap is the clutch closing against spring tension.Keep in mind not to touch the wires together or you'll get quite a spark..If no snap probably bad clutch. If there is a snap then you may/may not have one of Gregs suggestions to chase.. Tracking safety switches is not fun...Not advising you to do so but they can be hotwired and run if good but no fuse if hotwired is not a great idea...
I believe there is a common issue with the actual PTO switch on that model. I would suggest shorting the switch with an alligator lead before buying a new PTO. If you short the switch and the PTO engages, the PTO is likely ok.

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