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Tractor For Sale Help: How much is my tractor worth?

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New member
Jan 20, 2024
Knoxville, TN
Hey Everyone- I’ve loved my Cubbie that my dad gave me but my needs have changed & will be looking to sell locally (Knoxville, TN). How much should I ask?

1994 HDS 2185
48” LT Deck 301190
660 hours
1 season on turf tires. New belts & had engine tuned up at the local shop a week ago (paid $375). Runs like a top.

Dad purchased from a neighbor back in the early 2000s. I learned to mow on this tractor. I’m the 3rd owner.


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First off, welcome to the forum!

I'm not much of a Cyclops guy but my guess is it would bring $500-$1000 depending on the buyer, I could be way off here as others are much closer to the value on these.

The real reason I commented and probably not what you want to hear but I strongly suggest you keep the tractor. I can tell you once it's gone it's probably gone for good. I've bought and sold lots of things over the years but I somehow managed to hang on to the 86 my dad gave us after we bought our first house, unfortunately he is gone but thankfully the tractor is still with us.
Well it’s not like the older ones that have some value. I sell used lawn tractors in my shop. And like was said. 1000$ would be to the right buyer. I flip those after I’ve gone thru them for 800-1100 but that one has some hours on it. So don’t give a warranty most of those will need a rebuild soon
JD, I had 1 for several yrs and really enjoyed that tractor.The shaft drive certainly paid off in less belt use and the Kohler engine ran super...A friend in need came by and I sold it to him..Shame on me ..Yours has 600 hrs,that engine should be good for a 1000 at least if serviced correctly.I sold mine for 650 but truly wished I hadn't..
Thanks everyone for the feedback! I hadn’t heard “cyclops” before lmao. Good perspective from OBH on keeping it as a memory. Not sure I want to let it go, but also not sure I want to rebuild the engine if it gets to that.
I wasn't sure I could rebuild an older Kohler but jumped into it anyway. I know exactly what is wrong with the engine now that I know what's inside and what roles each part plays. Should have learned this long ago! I learned most about the governor's plastic gear that sits inside the engine! But I am not familiar with your engine specifics. I bought a spare engine and worked on it until it was finished so I could still use my tractor 😉
also not sure I want to rebuild the engine if it gets to that.
I dont know that those are considered a cyclops. I never did anyway. They are the first model series of all or nearly all mtd designed cub. The cyclops still used the 82 series chassis and all the attachments interchanged for the most part. Yes they have a single headlight but other than that and the engines and a few other odds and ends...maybe. they don't share a lot with the cyclops and 82 series.

We have 2 in the family and I take care of them both. Good machines. Imo. Not as robust as the earlier ones and a bit more un handy to work on. But not too bad. The decks are easy on and off.

As for value, that's going to depend a lot on area and condition. Those machines are 20 plus years old now. Still good usable machines if they have been taken care of. But not everybody's cup of tea. Don't see nearly as many for sale around here any more and at least half that you do see are pretty sad shape.

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