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Don StJean

Aug 6, 2022
Coventry, RI
I recently purchased an xt3 gsx with a “48 fabricated deck, snowblower, and soft cab. In fact, it will be ready for pickup this week. My wife and I live in an 18th c. home on four acres. I do all the restoration work myself, and am constantly carting materials from the truck to the barn, and wood shop. I mow just over 1.5 acres, and haul a substantial firewood trailer around the property. I currently mow with a 382 hydro but needed something a little bigger for the other tasks. I also wanted a tractor that I could use for snow blowing behind the house - walks, patio entrances, wood shop, etc. I use a Massey 1428 for plowing the driveway hauling firewood, cleaning stalls, digging trenches, etc., and it does a great job with the heavy work but is a little too big for maneuvering through the tighter places. I’m constantly having to check that I don’t hit the house, fence, or barn.

I was first introduced to Cadet when we hired someone to rototill our garden many years ago. The area that we wanted prepared had not been worked previously (at least not to our knowledge). The man arrived with two Cadets with hydraulic tillers and broke through the new ground without any difficulty. I fell in love with the brand at that time. Happy to be joining the community of Cub Cadet enthusiasts.
Hi Don, welcome to the forum. Can you share some pics?
Thanks! I wish it were a bit cooler. We’ve had a few weeks in the mid 90s - I count my blessings that it hasn’t topped 100 like it has in some many other parts of the world.
Bought some hay yesterday and put it into the loft. Nice work for a hot day.
Welcome Don,we're "almost" neighbors.. pushing hay into a loft in this heat is no fun at all.
Thanks for making the connection. New Bedford is not far from us at all. It never fails: Hay is always ready on the hottest day of the summer. I usually work alone so I’ve developed a system where I attach forks to the bucket of the Massey, and stack 8 or 9 bales at a time on a pallet. I hoist it up level with the hay door, climb up a ladder to the loft, and load straight in. This is much better than throwing them from the back of the truck into the barn. Takes a little longer but abuses the back a lot less.
I remember those days of putting up hay. Sometimes I actually miss it! But not in a week of this!! It's good to see you here and holler out if you need some help with the cub.

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