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Apr 12, 2022
Turkey Point Kustoms
Here's my cubs, more for personal documentation purposes than anything (plus the ihregistry site seems to be dead). Doubt anyone would steal one of these, but you never know! 😉

1968 IH Cub Cadet 125
Bought in 2012 - Restored 2019-2022
Serial #: 258125
Freshly rebuilt K301a w/rev 2 (heart-shaped combustion chamber) head. balance gear delete

Mods/parts: billet aluminum filter adapter/velocity stack, K&N air filter (RA-0980), 1.5" Chrome exhaust tip, Bosch blue coil, Kirk Engines spark plug wire & Trandenser II, LED 6K headlights, taillight, Hi-Run 16X6.50-8 front tires, Deestone 23x10.5-12 rear tires.

On hand & to be installed: rear lift, spring assist, cigarette lighter, sleeve hitch, wideframe seat springs mod, original fiberglass pan seat (needs reupholstered), etc.

1975 IH Cub Cadet 1200
Obtained in 2019 (trade) - current restoration/WIP
Serial # 2050056U569413

Mods/parts: Kerber 3-pin clutch driver, solid motor mounts, LED 6K headlights, WideFrame nose grille/hood extension & lower grille housing.
On hand & to be installed Vredestein V61 16X6.50-8 170/60-8 6-Ply 5-Rib front tires, Carlisle Tru Power 23x10.5-12 rear tires, creeper (from 124).

1968 IH Cub Cadet 124
Bought in 2019 - parts/bone pile. Future restoration? Features creeper (to probably be swapped on to the 1200)
Serial #: 231475

IH Cub Cadet 125 (#2 - PARTS)
Bought in 2013 IIRC
Serial #: UNKNOWN (missing ID tag) Year: UNKNOWN


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