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Tractor For Sale Cub Cadet Original with goodies

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Active member
Dec 19, 2008
Adam Dunlap
Cub Cadet Original. Yes, it does have a motor and a generator that comes with it, along with a ton of extra motor parts. The plan was to rebuild the motor, but life happened. It is dusty from sitting, but will clean up very nice. I have NEVER let it sit outside. Where is the value? Look at all the goodies this little guy has:
*Headlights with switch
*Grote taillight
*Full fenders with tool tray
*Timed deck in good working condition
*Creeper gear (comes with regular driveshaft too)
*Rear hitch
*Rear lift
*Bottom bracket for sleeve hitch
*Rear lift helper spring (aftermarket)
*Front tri-ribs, almost new condition
*Rear Ags, almost new condition
*Nice rear reflectors
*Seat cover
*Oil Bath air cleaner
*Front push blade with hardware
I know it needs the motor installed (it did run ok), but trying to find an Original with all of these accessories is as close to impossible as you can get, and finding the parts individually to make one like this is an absolutely EXHAUSTING experience, as most of you know. $2500 firm. I have a reprinted manual and lots of parts too. Call/text is quickest way to contact me at 2606 one five 56 five five. Thank you for allowing me to post here, and I hope we can get this guy to a good home.
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Wow! What Serial Number is it mine hasn't looked that Good since the first Rebuild in 1977. I will admit you have the most complete I have ever seen.
Nothing special on the serial number, which never mattered to me. Not sure why everyone makes a fuss over that, but to each their own, I suppose. It is 54554, which supposedly means it was manufactured in March of 1963. Thank you for your kind comment! Hoping this little guy gets a good home.
Thank you! Just sold it. My boys are very sad to see it go. Trying to figure out how to post that it sold. Hopefully I will figure it out so no one gets mad at me! Lol!
This tractor, accessories, and parts has been sold. If I need to do anything else to post it sold, please let me know. Thank you!

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