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Parts Wanted Cub Cadet 56 Volt Battery Needed

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Harry Crump

Jun 11, 2023
Anybody have a set of 56 Volt 60 AH batteries for a 2023 Cub Cadet Zt142E 42" Electric Zeroturn? Please contact me if you do. Thanks!


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Remember, whoever you’re dealing with has a supervisor/boss and so do they. Peons can’t necessarily satisfy your requests so escalation is your friend. The Superintendent of my Division taught me that 40+ years ago. It’s rarely failed to get the desired results. 🙂
The question is how do you get in touch with a supervisor or decision maker? I got put on hold for 45 minutes and I just hung up. I'm sure that was on purpose
if MTD-CC doesn’t come through, there is a battery re-builder called Voltman, in Chicagoland somewhere if i recall.

i was in touch with him six or seven years ago about rebuilding some NiMH tool batteries (rather than buying Chinese replacements).

not sure he does Li-Ion batteries, but it might be worth checking. the google could likely find his contact info.

good luck!
I feel for you, no one should have to go through this crap.
$1,000 + for the batteries of a lawn mower? That'll buy a lot of gas, even at $5/gal.

I suppose it could be worse, the mower could have been made by Tesla. A friend of mine had to get his battery pack replaced on his 1st gen Tesla, battery pack was $25,000 + labor. (Sorry, out of warranty)
$1,000 + for the batteries of a lawn mower? That'll buy a lot of gas, even at $5/gal.

Not really. No-ethanol gas has been ~$4/gal for the last couple years where I live. That's 250 gallons. At 1 gallon/hr fuel consumption, that'd be 250 hours of run time. OP's experience with the battery is likely in the minority, and most would last far longer than 250 hours.

I'm not ready to sell all my IH Cub Cadets and get an electric mower yet, but the electric weedeater and chainsaw I have both have saved enough 2-cycle gas mix to pay for the batteries and then some.
I've seen the ads for yard tools by a company called EGO power. They have Zero turn mowers, push and self propelled mowers, chainsaws, blowers, string trimmers, etc, They all take the same 56 volt removable Li battery packs which makes total sense to me.

The bigger riders hold 6 or more battery packs & things like chainsaws, blowers, trimmers and such only need 1. You pull 'em out & put 'em in a charger. The Zero turn and larger mowers come with a charger that charges the batteries in the unit simultaneously.
I don't know how much their products cost, but they can't be cheap.
Bought the wife an EGO hedge trimmer. It’s impressive. Will run a long time, couple hours on a charge. And strong, cuts through Salal & Blackberries easily. Considering their electric weed eater but the Stihl won’t die…