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Cub Cadet 169 Restoration

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Oct 30, 2023
Cambridge, NY
Hi all,

starting on a restoration for a cub cadet 169.

Serial Number: 2050048U510649

I have been restoring cubs for a while and always try to do a very detail oriented restoration.
This tractor i purchased for $200 a couple of months ago and have always wanted to do a restoration on a 169.
I have been collecting NOS parts for this build (in the tune of around $3,000 worth so far.
this tractor will have a 501 deck as well as a sleeve hitch and brinley sleeve hitch adaptor.

attached are some photos of the current in process pieces and what it started out as.

i started out with the mowing deck and getting all the correct Fasteners, NOS and replated originals, and filled in unnecessary holes by the previous owner.
once all of this was done i primed it with a 2K primer and some icing (similar to bondo) on small pits and imperfections.

once this was completed, there was some block sanding and finally some DA sanding to complete it.


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this is a set of correct AD decals dated 1979-1980.

since it is basically impossible to find 169 hood decals, i am going to re print the 169 on a thin piece of vinyl. i will then overlay it over the black textured section of the decal. the plan will then be to use a heat gun to help the vinyl form to the texture behind it. the goal is to have an OEM appearance with all NOS decals


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More progress on the 169.

All the decals other than the IH decal on the belt guard and patent decal on the frame are NOS (including textured hood and dash model number decals from American Decal and manufacturing co from 1981)
All bolts have been silver cadmium coated that were not NOS. Several NOS bolts as well.
All pulleys, bearings, and hardware is NOS for the mowing deck.
Air filter assembly, most hardware for the engine, and coil are all NOS.
This tractor is not intended to be a show piece, but rather capture how factory assembled these as close to possible (minus some improvements like painting frame without rear end and steering column installed.


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Here is some detailed photos and videos.
All decals other than 2 are NOS

There is still some things to do to it

This is as close to period correct as possible other than a couple minor improvements.

Still waiting on several chrome pieces

Mowing deck has some dust and debri on it so ignore that.

Engine was painted a lesser gloss as this is what I have seen on a lot of research. I believe these were painted at a different time than the tractors, or a heavier overspray environment? Not exactly sure the reason.

The headlight ground harness is revision 2 of this style harness. This light harness is correct for a wide frame and quietline style tractor, however it is not production line correct. The main reason is the ground eyelet on a wide frame was located at the mounting bolts for the lower grille housing, not on the hood hinge like the quietlines.

90 percent of every piece replaced is all NOS and period correct (1975-1983 vintage)

All electrical switches are IH (still waiting on light switch to come from Israel)

The decals at time of production were manufactured by American decal and manufacturing company.

All decals on this are manufactured by American decal and manufacturing company minus the IH decal on the deck, and patent decal on the frame.

There is an additional patent decal I am waiting on for the mowing deck

I still have a couple more NOS decals to put on plus rear lights etc

All bolts that are finished natural is how they should be, and hours of pictures and research went in to it

2 things not correct for this is the hood hinge being a quietline style as well as the seat, and tires.


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Your detailing is excellent-very well done! A number of years ago I showed restored Mustangs. We had 500 point restoration guidelines that really helped. For example these parts were body color, these bolts were cadmium plated, these parts had overspray etc. Do similar guidelines exist anywhere in the “cub” world? Again congratulations on your labor of love. My wife always says what are you going to do with it. My answer is always the same - look at it!

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