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My cheap Cub Cadet 1330

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Jul 28, 2023
Cub Cadet 1330 with 12.5 hp engine. Bought it for 130 dollars. Had some issues with stalling, but fixed that. I also fixed a fuel leak. I had a lot of issues with this machine. It has a hydro-gear 717-3048 that leaks and needs some more fluid. the belt drive has one tensioner, and the belt is always loose. currently working on getting the deck to semi functional as it is in very poor condition. most likely all bearings and belts will need to be replaced. the top of the snow blade is rotted out, and I might repaint it is I have some spare time and cash lying around Are these machines rare? I cant find much info on them online. If it is rare, is it worth good money?


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They are rare now because many have been parted/scrapped. The biggest issue with them is the transaxle. Not serviceable and no parts exist for them when they fail. I would rather invest my dollars in a much much better Cub Garden Tractor from the same era.
Liam, my example the rear housing...the outside axle bearings are peaned in by rolling alum around them..not ever meant to be changed...mine ended up in scrap yard...but the engine ran great if you have use for it.
Liam- if you decide to part it out or scrap it, save the seat if it is good. They were also used on Cub Garden Tractors. Also, some knobs, hood ornament, and switches interchange.
I own two five (5) Cub Cadet 1330's and (2) Cub Cadet 1320's (it's a long story). All of them are in service and operate well. The only real difference between these two models is that the 1330 has an electric PTO clutch.

One of the 1330 lawn tractor's I own has been dedicated with a permanently mounted Cub Cadet snow blower I installed. I consider them some of the best lawn tractors of the day. They are low-profile mowers with a rugged, steel frame and have a powerful and reliable engine in the Kohler cv12.5. I particularly like its low center of gravity which makes it safe and easy to mow on hills and inclines.

I've found the belt driven Hydros their weakest point although I've only had to replace one. And although it is listed as a non-serviceable hydro, I've discovered an easy and effective way to change the transmission fluid in it using Hitran fluid and when patient have had no problems finding repair/replacement parts for them since 1320 and 1330 parts mowers are aways popping up on Facebook Marketplace and we have a Cub dealer nearby. That's how I came to own seven.

I started this journey with one mower and bought parts mowers to keep it in service but then couldn't resist repairing them and returning them to service as back up mowers which required more parts mowers which I store in an enclosed garage. You get the drift. It's a doom loop and in the process, made me quite knowledgeable about maintaining these mowers. I also have a Cub Cadet snowplow in good shape. It's the one designated for these mowers and I no longer use it so you're welcome to pick it up (free gratis) if you're ever in the area. But be aware that parting them out (which I haven't done) is far more valuable than selling the entire mower. As an example, seats from the 1330 with no rips or tears are going for around $100 today and you wouldn't believe the price asked on Ebay for parts on these mowers. That's why I just bought complete parts mowers and sometimes for as little as $50. Good luck!

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