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cub cadet 129 with K321 14hp engine problems

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Gage mcdaniel

Well-known member
Jan 8, 2022
i went to start my cub cadet 129 with a K321 14hp engine in it but its started and got it out of the garage and then went to move and it died multiple times and i cant figure out why it is not running right. doe anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem
Engines require fuel, spark, and compression to run. Does it stay running if you pull the choke? Does it still have spark when it dies? Really hard to guess at anything here with so little information provided.
so it starts and runs but after it runs for about 30 seconds is starts to sputter and another 30 seconds later is dies completly and then when i start it back up it does it again
How deep are your pockets? I have a suitable NOS Cub Cadet spec engine In St. Louis. Do you want to be done with problems, or do you want to address the specific issue?
Like Matt has asked,we need more info.We understand what's happening. What have you done?Fresh fuel,fuel flow,float level,empty bowl?Start some where,post it,our knowledgeable guys have their thinking caps on and their fingers on the keyboard. They would be happy to help
I would loosen the gas cap and see if problem goes away. Spiders like this 'new' gas and clog the gas tank vent.
If the Cub sat a long time (a few months) you may have a sticky needle valve in carb
Once again...does it help if you pull the choke when it tries to die?
no, it does not fix the problem when I pull the choke it still sputters and dies I cleaned the points and cleaned the carb it runs for a little longer now but still sputters and dies I have also disconnected the horn to and that did not fix the problem
I'd lean towards a fuel system issue, especially on lightly used engines. Lack of use and improper sealing does also play a role in oxidized contacts on points too.
Gage,That is not the stock engine..We are assuming it has run ok since being replaced..I work on a lot of different engines ,95% of the time it is fuel related..dirty carb,leaking carb gasket, old fuel line dissolving ,fuel system plugged with debris,...You said you changed fuel,does that mean it was very old fuel and hadn't run in quite a while? There are no instant answers just apply patience and be sure all is functional and clean as Matt said..
I guess I assumed, yes I know, that the fuel system was clean or functional. I mean that’s the first thing. I use ethanol gas in my mowers that I use weekly but non-ethanol in trimmers etc. First thing I’m doing in resurrecting mine after sitting for 19 years is cleaning the tank, rebuilding the carburetor and replacing fuel hoses and filter. They were horrendous! Systematic diagnosis is required. When resurrecting my Oliver it performed similarly, ended up being a bad coil.