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Cub Cadet 122 Spindles, repair or replace

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Robert bray

Apr 14, 2022
Back at my 122. I recently got to work on the mower deck and pulled the left and right spindles. the bolts were rotted so they had to be cut. the bottom blade bolt was already cut and seemed to have been welded on previously. The top nut with grease nipple came off easily but i am not sure how the bearing comes out. the other spindle grease nut looks welded on. I know what parts i'll need mostly, like new mounting screws (6 of them), cutt off the already cut blade mount and weld a new one in ect. I want to know how to get the bearing out so i can rebuild them and if it is worth rebuiling. They seem to have been modified alot and not sure if its worth the effort on these. Would you replace them with modern spindles and modify the deck or rebuild them?


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I would look around for a good used spindle. Most decks rotted out and still have better spindles than what you are starting with.
What model deck are you working on?
My 106 has those same spindles. They come apart by removing bolt with grease fitting. The pulley then lifts off & the spindle pushes out through the bottom. There is spacers/seal races on top & bottom. 2 tapered bearings & a shim-spacer between the bearings
I have found them on eBay for a decent price before, but they always need taken apart, inspected, cleaned. Be sure to read the manual on the repair process. The center spacer is shim to set endplay on the (2) tapered bearings.