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Tractor For Sale Cub 1772 For Sale

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Aug 2, 2023
Ocala Florida
1772 Diesel Cub Jim
This 1772 has been in my family since 1989. I have been restoring it back to better than new since 2018. I'm moving and need to sell it before August 30th. I have all of the original parts that came with it from the factory. I mowed the yard with it today, the neighbors are always jealous... I'm going to miss it, It's my baby... Asking $2750.00 Firm
Call 8 FIVE ZERO-5 SEVEN 2-133EIGHT or Email jimshinn AT cox.net I'm in Silver Springs Florida.


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Did someone on here get it?
No, it was a guy originally from Pennsylvania, who was totally into tractors and new what it was. He just responded to the Craigslist ad. He's a happy camper and is going to show it at events. His brother is a very popular mini tractor-puller on the pulling circuit.

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