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Bulk sale for yard full of Cubs and need to sell it all

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Mar 10, 2007
James Reilly
I have a yard full of Cubs and need to sell it all. Due to physical limitations I'm unable to deal with individual sale items of packing and mailing. I'd like a bulk sale for the following stuff.
I’m in Waverly, VA, 23890.

I’ve got a 1282 Red, runs, new carb rebuild, really super good shape, bought
from wife of original owner about six years ago, she kept in garage for years after husband died, has cast iron trans. Almost a show piece! Has not run since 2016. I got sick.

2 149s, one was my daily worker. They both will run, need minor servicing,
i.e. belts, such minor stuff needed to get running. The daily worker needs generator belt. The other 149 was running but I stole some parts from it. They both have the jibbery hydro trans problems.

1 1200 that needs carb work, I bought new carb and some kits for old carb.
Needs elec PTO switch which I bought but got sick before I ever put it on and got tractor running again.

1 109 which I was going to restore but never finished. Has all parts, did
run fine before I started my project. Mower deck is stripped and primed, have all parts.

I also have some (4-5) rolling frames: 129 have engine which was removed for
repairs, 108, (2) 147s, one was going to be restored and has a rebulit engine never installed.

Also mower decks, front blade, towers, fenders, tires, rims.

I was hoping my strength would build back up but it’s been 4 years and all this stuff is still sitting. I cannot even lift a mower deck anymore without help, let alone push one of these monsters in my shop.

Plus a butt load of Cub repair books, parts books, for most all my tractors.

I’m not looking to scalp anyone, mainly just need it all gone. You could make some $$$ off of all this stuff for sure.

It all has to be worth at least $2,000.00.

The 1282 alone with deck could easily be resold with minimal time to get started (battery, carb adjustment, etc) to get most of your money back.

Oh, I also have elec lifts for the 147, and 149s.

And more too, but I’m writing this off the top of my head. Sure I’ll see more when I go outside.
James, so sorry to hear about your health issues. :( Best wishes on the sale.
Thank you. Never figured on getting old and gimp.
Brain still racing with things to do and have to hobble around the yard just puttering about.
Still have?

No, I GAVE the 1282 to a member in Michigan, Mike Poczik, along with a truck bed full of implements. A neighbor took all the yellow cubs, decks, blades, etc.

The wife was getting upset, the stuff had to go. Mike was the only person who had a real interest in getting the stuff so I told him if he came and took it all he could have the 1282. What a beauty he got! It was better than the scrap metal man getting it all.