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CATS Stray, Feral, Housebound, Declawed, and Otherwise

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Seems all cats just love a good box! And it seems they like a box that I'd figure was to small for them too.
If she still wants to play, even in a box.. that's a good sign!
I think I know how I could get him outta there in a hurry😁

Well, I tried my best to get some pictures of our cat, however that proved half impossible because if you get to within 5 feet of her she proceeds to walk towards you and give you a "pet me now!!" look (while refusing to stay still), but here goes:


My receipt cat. He got it into his head to "help" me with an expense report, and he walked away with some of the receipts stuck to his fur by static.


And this cat wants to know why that control arm is in HIS new box?


  • 1618110312922.png
    448.6 KB · Views: 188
Receipt cat above had to go in for sedative dentistry Thursday. I had to take time off from work to take him, but while he was there, I had a chance to look at my new 782 engine. (Turned out to be an actual Series II, and runs ok on a CCC chassis.)

I had the carburetor apart, and I remembered someone’s post about using a broom bristle to run through the orifices to check that they were clear. Well, that post made me envision some frequent Cubber with a sorry broom with no bristles left, so not wanting to be THAT guy, I happened to look down and saw on my shirt a likely looking bristly item from my earlier skirmish putting Receipt Cat into his crate to go to the dentist-vet.

A cat whisker works well enough to check carb ports, but may not be worth the acquisition effort. As a bonus, unlike a broom, a cat regrows whiskers.
I have a cat that likes to sleep near me, on the couch or on the bed. Occasionally she will go into a deep sleep and fall off the edge, landing hard and not on her feet. I've even put down pillows if I think it might happen. I found this video of a very similar looking cat doing just that.

We lost our Princess today.
It was time, she was 5 pounds and fading fast, just skin and bones.
She had to be at least 17 years old, maybe more since she wrangled her way into out lives when my Granddaughter found her with a litter of kittens on their front porch in a box they were going to use as them moved into a new home,
She now rests in Carolyn's flower bed next to my B.J and Carolyn's Cuddles and Pumpkin.
We will miss here dearly.
These are pic's from when she was living in the shop, some of you old timers may remember them.
Marlin's wife, angel, would say Princess was "Regal"



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So sorry to hear this news. The pics certainly held some memories... and Marlin and Angel too.
Sorry for your loss but rest easy knowing you gave her a great life and that's all you can do.
Sorry to hear this. It is always hard to lose a pet. They are like part of the family.
I once heard a statement that has stuck with me through the years and has helped me. "It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all."
Cherish the memories.