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Carb problem

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Robert Payne

Well-known member
IHCC Supporter
May 2, 2023
New York
Insane Payne
After rebuilding my 108 with all new parts, my tractor was running great the last 2 weeks,yesterday i smelled a faint smell of gas in the backyard, tractr started up and ran fine,drove down the block and it stalled,checked tank and it was empty,filled up the tank and gas was dripping out the air filter,shut off tank valve,started & drove back home till it stalled again,open valve & repeat,,,,QUESTION,,,anybody know of a "trick" to unstick a needle valve without pulling off or relacing carb???
First recommendation would be to fix the problem at the source, it's not hard to remove and clean the carb on your 108. You can try and tap the bowl with a screwdriver handle, sometimes that frees them up.
I hate to pull the carb because it's a pain to get to the bolts,,,last time i pulled the float bowl off the carb i lost the float pivot pin,,,,I'm disabled so i can't kneel down and limited use of right hand,,,a friend suggested blowing air or carb cleaner through the fuel line inlet,,i'll try that first,,,last time i rebuilt the carb i noticed the float needle valve was missing the rubber tip,,,hope that didn't happen again....
Well finally found the problem.....After 3 times of mounting the carb and hooking up the gas line only to have gas pour out the breather hole, i pulled the carb again,emptied the gas out the bowl,went inside and ordered another rebuild kit from I SAVE TRACTORS,went back outside to adjust the float, noticed a wet spot on the float, LIKE AN A-HOLE i lit my lighter and a stream of FLAMES was spraylng at me,NEARLY BURNED DOWN MY SHED....LOL...Had 2ft flames on my work bench before i knock the carb out the door and melted the solder on the float,camly went inside and ordered a new float on E-BAY...chinese carb should be here romorrow,,,,if that don't work.....the float & rebuild kit should be here next week....Guess i'll be using my Wheel Horse to get my work done the next few days.....
Got the new carb today,I think it's chinese because it only cost $15 and came from California,,,Installed it and the tractor fired right up,,very minimal adjustment,what was nice there was 2 choke cable holes,,,the original carb had only one hole at 12 o'clock so the choke would not closed when pushed open all the way,,,now choke works great

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