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Jul 8, 2010
Bernie Pientka
Been working on second Covid project for past month. Over the summer I built a loader for the tractor and now making the matching backhoe.

Here are some photos and I will share updates. Things are on hold for the next month or so because maple sap starting to run and my backyard maple sugaring takes up my free time.



most material cut and drilled.


First time pinning sections together.

Base with stabilizers added and final layout for boom swivel cylinder.

Bucket setup. Building this 10” bucket and a 6”. Still have to add hardened cutting edge and teeth.
I will let you know when done.

This is following Caddigger plans and materials specs. He claims 2600lbs of ripping force.

Square tubing is 3/16 thick 2x2 and 2.5x2.5.
Base plates are 1/2 thick. The arm pivot plates are 3/8 inch thick. 1 inch pins with pivot points running 1.5” bushings. Mostly 2” hydraulic cylinders with boom arm running 2.5”.

Bucket is 3/16” plate with 3/8” plates for pins. Bucket will have 1/2 x 4” hardened metal cutting edge installed. Along with standard backhoe teeth.

I know moving the parts around it is heavy. Time will tell!
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Bernie, i could be wrong or not seeing the bucket teeth completely, but i believe they are on upside down. the wider part should be to the top.
Good thing i didn’t bend the locking tabs into the adaptor! Simple fix less than a minute to remove and turn them over.
Another test fit!

Overall coming together. I have one cylinder pin off 1/8” which will need a little work. Looks like I also need to adjust the control valve location slightly to give a little more clearance on the hoses.
Thanks! The backhoe will be running off the pump I installed for the loader. Which is pretty small (2.5 gpm). This should help keep the travel speed down.
Matt, in the current form yes it connects only to the 3 point hitch. I still need to weld on the upper 3pt mounting plates. My 3 point is being modified to connect to my loader subframe. This end up being like a full subframe on the tractor.

My phase 2 plan is to create a fixed mount for the backhoe and change the manual stabilizers to hydraulic.
Sugaring season wrapping up. In between boiling sap I have been working on the backhoe. Getting closer every week.

Installed valve and hoses yesterday but as usual had to change hose plan slightly. Which put me 2 fittings short of completing the project. Also needed 1 fitting to get the pressure gauge installed.

Hopefully test run later this week!

Plans say 4.5 ft but that was with a straight main boom. With the angled main boom I am thinking 5.5 ft but won’t really know until I dig a hole.
Don’t worry before painting I will have pin bushings welded into the arm to mount a manual thumb!
Lincoln tombstone welder (ac only) started to make some funny sounds and would trip the breaker. Have to check it out soon but to solve my immediate welding issues and to use a harbor freight gift card I picked up a cheap inverter welder.

Running this thing on 240v it is a beast! I can’t believe a welder weighing 17lb has this much power. Not sure how long this cheap welder will last but not much $ invested in it.