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Caddigger 508 for 1512

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gary noblit

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Jul 22, 2020
Lincoln tombstone welder (ac only) started to make some funny sounds and would trip the breaker. Have to check it out soon but to solve my immediate welding issues and to use a harbor freight gift card I picked up a cheap inverter welder.

Running this thing on 240v it is a beast! I can’t believe a welder weighing 17lb has this much power. Not sure how long this cheap welder will last but not much $ invested in it.
Bernie,had to look up the welder,that looks pretty good....


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Jul 8, 2010
Bernie Pientka
Completed the plumbing last night and did a test run! It moves and digs. Still need to use it more to work the air out of the cylinders. One cylinder needs to be moved slightly but outside of that looking good.

Remaining items
- hose management
- adjust placement of 1 cylinder
- bushing to keep cylinders centered
- weld in bushing for manual thumb
- reposition seat slightly back
- final mounting of valve. I have set it up so valve bracket is bolted to frame. This way I can adjust the valve location up/down as needed.
- grease fittings to add.
- grind/smooth all sharp edges
- prime and paint


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