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Mark Neubauer

Mar 5, 2024
Runs well. New seat and battery. Side panels included.

Call me directly @ 513-476-2067 (southwest Ohio)
nels included (not shown)
Runs well. New seat and battery. Side panels included.

Call me directly @ 513-476-2067 (southwest Ohio) View attachment 156632View attachment 156633View attachment 156634View attachment 156631nels included (not shown)View attachment 156630
OK. Not picky, this what I think:
Mower off, repair rust and paint. Paint both sides of wheels. Clean the engine. Clean front axle, it looks greasy, repair rust on rear hitch. Polish and wax all surfaces. Presentation is everything. No offense. I did those things and sold my CC102 three weeks ago for $1800. I'm in downstate NY near Nyack and the river. I use Craigslist and while getting some lookers/dreamers, sold the 102 there. Had three serious buyers. Be patient, you are selling into a narrow market and must find the right guy. I never bothered listing on the Forum, the right guy is not there... good guys but tight-fisted. Again, no offense.
Lotsa luck, Jack
i don’t disagree about the presentation. from a buyer’s perspective, the overspray on the tire suggests the possibility of other shoddy hacks yet unseen. such doubts undermine the perceived value and further narrow the market.
-CӞ 🚜💨

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