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Archive through October 17, 2003

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Never mind guys. I found some pics of last year's set-up. Keep the PD6 pics coming.
Want to thank Travis, Dee, Charlie, and EVERONE else who was involved in the making of PD6. Had a great time. I'll be posting some of the few shot that I did take later. I was having such a blast myself that I didn't take too much time to get the KOOL pix.

Also want to thank the Rockford Fire Dept. for the good food (like I need it) and the guy who made the Chili. Had <u>2</u> bowls. Made it home in record time!

(Message edited by thoffman on October 19, 2003)
Personally I would like to take a minute here to THANK Kraig for all that he does. I think sometimes we forget just how much time and effort that Kraig puts into taking pictures, setting them up on the CD's, sending them out with no mention of re-payment.

PLUS! All the time and effort that he puts into posting pictures here, via email and also direct mail for all those that need them. And again with not one word for anything in return.

Kraig is one of a kind and IMHO deserves a HUGE pat on the back. And it wouldn't hurt you guys to says ATTA-BOY once and a while for one SUPER guy and remember who and what he does when the time comes, AND YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

<font size="+2">THANKS KRAIG AND ATTA-BOY</font>
OK, here's the <font size="+2">BIG</font> question. Where/when is the Spring Plow Day??

Charlie, AMEN to thant!!!

(Message edited by thoffman on October 19, 2003)
Charlie, I'll second that. THANKS KRAIG!! And thanks to you and Pat for the salsa too.

Tom, as soon as it is figured out who is holding PD 7, I will lwt them use those vinyl lettered signs if they want them.

Art, I reckon my wife deserves more credit than she got. She lined up the news and newspapers coming.

BYW, I will get copies of the newspaper, and mail them out, but I will need to know by tomorrow.
Hi guys & gals. Here's a photo of Dale(& his wife), who agreed to come to PD6 and take photos for me. He said he hadn't done anything silly or stupid for quite awhile, so he agreed to come be a photographer!


I think they enjoyed the day almost as much as I am enjoying watching the 129 detailed photos in a slide show. I see new things each time I go thru it! He got great photos of nearly everyone who was plowing. Those who were there saw him running around on my Lets Go Cubs 123. A copy of this CD will go to Kraig to add to his coverage of this great event! Thanks everyone who made it great!
Reference the auction the Rich Patton posted in the Classified Section that had the 782D. That auction location is just around the country corner (next town over) from me. I would be glad to go over and check out the 782D before the auction for anybody interested. Can't do the auction because I am going to be out of town.
Hello Forum! Looks like everyone had a great time at PD6! Wish we could have been there, but you know, work. Hopefully, we can go next year!!! A couple of you were nice enough to email us and tell us where to direct a payment for the classifieds, but our emails have been erasing lately. Could you please tell us again? We would really appreciate it. Thanks, B&M
Thank you Dee, Travis, and all others involved in hosting PD6. It was worth the trip. Got home at 2:10 PM my time, and discovered some of your little beetles hichhiked a ride back to Kentucky. As soon as I catch them all, I will box them up and send them back
Travis had a grat time at Plowday 6.Just got back about an hour ago.Maybe next plowday I will have the 26x12x12 tires on the smoker and won't get hung up on stubble Thanks much.
Thanks Travis, Dee, et al - a great time! And THANKS for letting me park my trailer overnight...

Mike M. -

I took US18 to US14, avoided the dips
Charlie, we told you not to add Boner's nitrous kit to the 1450. That's what happens. Made it home safely last night, even with the drunks on the road in Wisconsin. The old overloaded S-15 ran just fine and it looks like an estimated 17mpg round trip. I am sure Travis will vouch for being well loaded after adding the parts I bought from him.
Heres the pic. I tried to post the other night but didnt have time to resize!

Looks like everybody had a great time at plow day VI and plow day II......

Thanks Travis even though I couldnt make it......and thanks for the storage of the 108 traveler....I havent talked with Paul yet...hope he got it out of your way! Again...Thanks.

You guys keep those pics. coming.....they are really great. Man...what a cub year!!!

Charlie....just weld it up! hehe..

Tom Peters....you owe Betty a big steak dinner....two plow days in two weeks! Yee Haw!

GREAT job on PD #6, very well done at an excellent location...perfect place to set-up, show, plow, park, and everything. 42.5 acres!!!!!...a new PD record!!!!!

Again, thanks to Travis, Dee, Taylor, and all of the Schweizer family for all of the work......from experience, it's a lot to keep track of!!!!!

All of the Blunier's had a great time, a very enjoyable weekend!!!!

Was also very glad to hear that the Rockford FD did well.

Don't know about PD#7 this spring, but PD #8, Fall '04, will be back in the black IL dirt at the Blunier farm in Roanoke, IL.
A huge thank you to the Schweizer family for another great PD!! Thanks also to the R.F.D. for great food!! (Maybe they made enough $$$ from us to buy an aerial truck, then KRAIG could shoot some incredible overhead video,hint!)

I arrived home tired, sunburned and slightly dusty. My 782 fared about the same. Plowing tip for others...when hitting a prairie dog hole at full hydro, plowing, allow for proper altitude "adjustment" of tractors front end or possible tire bead damage may occur.......
Also, a big thanks to everyone that donated door prizes no matter how big or small. We had a lot of nice prizes at this event!!
Major Thank you's the Travis and family!!!!
Man was it a great time! Travis even had time to plow too. It is amazing how you pull it all together.

Can you get me the recipe for the lemon bars????

Looks like around 12 MPG's with the old Chevy.

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