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Keeper of the Photos
Staff member
Aug 4, 2006
Kraig McConaughey
Steve, CUBgratulations to you, your family and Little Steve!

And no kidding about feeling old, here's a photo from Plow Day 1 (March 31, 2001 if I recall correctly):


Cubgratulations on Little Steve's HS Graduation! A proud moment for your family.
George L.

That pin in the center of the shift yoke has to come out. There's a plug on the bottom of the creeper you remove and then you can get a pin punch in there to drive it out.

Normally I take a pair of side cutters and slide it out the bottom, but with that pin mashed, your going to have to punch it from the bottom up.

Your going to need a new pin when you put it back together.

Needle nos pliers to get it started through the bottom hole, drive it in, then piano wire it in place for good measure.
I've come to the conclusion that I know why so many people ran their old tractors with no hoods. My 149 is a rattl'n PAIN anymore. Someone had replaced the piano hinge at some time before my purchase. But it is again well worn and the hood just rattles to pieces while mowing. Is that why they put hasp's on the 127's?(that I know of). To help with hood rattling?

I rebuilt the deck last year and it is near silent running. Now the hood hinge needs attention.

The 127 has two 3/8" bolts and the holes are pretty whipped so it needs help also. But it isn't as noisy as that piano hinge.
Larry, on my 125s and my Original I use fiber washers between the flat washers and the hood on the outside, another fiber washer between the hood and grill and another between the flat washer and grill on the inside. And to keep everything tight I use nylock nuts. Not sure what I would do on a 1x8/9 or Quiet Line series.
Perhaps rubber weatherstrip in strategic locations or rubber hose. There were originally rubber bumpers on a metal tab on the grill and dash of the 1x4/5 series and probably others as well.

The “fix”that Dad and I have used for almost 40 years is a rubber tarp strap or bungee cord from the foot rests, and over the hood. I know it’s not a proper fix, but helps to quiet them down. I think ever picture of our Wide Frames or Quietlines has a strap on the hood.

One other thing we have done to help is a piece of gasket material put.between the frame and lower grille casting. We read that on here, and the combination of the two really quiets the hood down. Now you can just hear the rest of the noises better..... LOL.......
Scott, agreed! You couldn't hear the engine over the deck bearings up til last summer. Now with those fixed, the hood drives me insane.

I know the wear strip on the cowl, looks like there was some kind of foam/rubber strip for the hood to rest on is gone. The biggest problem is the front side(hinge), as it vibrates horribly on the hinge pin.

At one point, I would notice the pin itself working its way out the side of the tractor as I mowed. I finally mushroomed the end enough so it could not do that anymore.

That hinge is just so "mickey mouse", you would have thought they could have come up with something a bit more robust? I can see just buying some new material and cut me a few sections and just replace them every few years.

I have thoughts for the 127 hood. Remake the bushings for the hood, allowing for some nylon bushing material to be inserted. Enough for a wear surface and easily replaced when worn out.
One thing I use.. no....actually two things I use for noise dampening on my cubs ,
ear plugs
Can't run mine with out them...
Larry K.

Replace the hinge with a Quietline hinge. It is more expensive but will last much longer. At the back end of the hood where it rests on the steering column tower, the adjustable plate behind the gas tank needs to have a rubber strip across the two upper tabs and one strip on each side. This will eliminate the vibration noise and keep the hood from rubbing on the fiberglass cowl which is often warn through on the 1X8/9 models. Also some 1/8" think rubber or neoprene pads glued on the front grill between it and front nose piece will help a lot as well.
Thanks Ron. I'll look into a Quietline hinge.

Yes, the column support is getting worn and I suppose some kind of rubber would help with the wear.
Hood Hinge
A few year back the piano hinge on my 129 was worn and I did not like the way it rattled. I had just replaced my front and rear door on my house and I had the hinges left. They are very strong so I removed the piano hinge on the 129 and installed the door hinges. They are much stronger and when you want to remove the hood all you have to do is tap out the pins. Makes the removal and install very easy.
Earl L
Earl, sounds like a plan. That was the issue I see, the pin is too small and wears too fast. Something a bit stouter would last longer. Something with nylon bushings would be great!!

Ron, I poked around and couldn't find them, so I was going to ask Charlie about them. Thanks for the update.
Doug, did a quick search. Couldn't find them. Not sure if I used the right keywords? Quietline or just Cub hinges?

Do they look like a regular hinge or is a different design. I found one "used" quietline hinge but it didn't look much different then what I have. Incorrectly listed?

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