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That's the first time I ever heard of a driveshaft having a filter!

Just kidding.
Way to hang in there Danny, persistence pays off.
First time taking a driveshaft out of a narrow frame Hydro. All I've ever done before were wide frames (782, and 1811's). This my sickle bar mower tractor. I guess I have had some out of 70's, and 100's to work on the clutch.
Danny M,

Glad you got your driveshaft out on your 127. As an FYI, the Service Manual recommends removing the rear end for access and replacement of the driveshaft. Either way its a pain. However, taking the engine out does make it easier to hoist the front end up to access the underneath components.
I don't know what's up with your UD-6 beyond the stripped step gear, but when I had one apart the aluminum welch plugs were tuff to get out for sure, and there were snap rings under. PO had boogered lotsa silicone caulk trying to get it not to leak.
Craig C.
The bottom end is fine, Those collars on each end of the top shaft is what has me confused. I'm gonna try and press the whole mess out one end and see how much I can screw it up, LOL