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Joe Morales

Jul 4, 2022
My 2018 Cub Cadet shut off when I got off of the tractor as if the PTO was still engaged, even when the PTO was disengaged, and since then it has only started once when I directly jumped the starter with my car battery. Doesn't even try to turn over. I changed out the the solenoid and still nothing. Bought a new battery and nothing. Bypassed the safety switch, nothing. Not even a click when I try to start it. I’m wondering why I was able to jump start it the one time through the starter after the issue arose, but now nothing at all. Help!
Sounds like an electrical issue. I know nothing about this type of cub, but sounds like it may be a condenser or coil issue. (if it has one)
Also, you do not have to start a new thread each time you post. Just go down to the bottom of the page in the white block to the right of your purple colored J and post away. :bluethumbsup:
Follow the current, follow the voltage, check continuities.

What safety switches is that model equipped with? Start with the one that you said it acted like. PTO? There is likely a seat switch, and a brake switch as well.

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