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Sep 3, 2009
Reidsville, NC
Marty A. Gwin

Man, that's pretty. All of it!!!

Wish I had all of mine fixed up like that!
Anyone that has taken a Danco UD-6 creeper apart really needs to contact me! LOL
I called Rob Houtz and he had no clue either.
Charlie, if you give me one, I'll take it apart, no guarantees it'll go back together though.... Haha. I have a couple creeper gears sitting in the garage, but haven't put them on anything yet. Not sure what make they are.
Is it OTF yet?

I'm in the market for a lawn sweeper and would like any input possible. I am down to two models, the Agri-Fab 44" vs the Cub cadet 44" sweeper. I know the cub cadet version is MTD made but I don't know whether Agri-Fab has been bought by MTD yet or not. The Cub Cadet model is also on sale yet still a few bucks more than the Agri-Fab.

If anyone has experience with either of these units I would like to hear from you.


What's the problem with the UD-6?

Wayne S.
The sliding step gear is toast.

On the sweeper-- Agri-Fab all the way. You can still get all the parts for them, the New Cub sweepers are pretty much junk, just like the box store mowers!
Ditto on AgriFab. I got mine second-hand, used it for 16 years, and only just this year do I need to do some work to it. No problem getting parts either.
Hey David S - don't be so hard on ole Mick. Your 1960 Chrysler 300 looks a lot like a '59 Olds at a distance. If I didn't already know I would'a been guessing it was an Imperial myself. I remember when I was a kid the Imperial had the wheel on the trunk like that.
Thanks Charlie and Gerry-

Agri-Fab it is.

This will be a first for me actually sweeping the lawn. I have a few areas that are full sunlight and are hard to keep under control...they grow fast and high. I have cows all around me so anything I don't compost will be dumped in the pasture.

Maybe I can post a pic or two.


I don't have full sunlight, but what sun I do have is cooking my grass at 96 degrees every day for the past week or so.

Are you watering and fertilizing your yard?

No. I haven't done any watering to grass anywhere. It (grass growth) was slowing just fine until the last afternoon storm. I have several areas of low terrain and they hold water the longest allowing more constant growth. This is the time of year when I hope for grass growth to slow due to heat but it's been a crazy year. It's really hard to stay ahead of things and heavy grass cuttings are a main result so that's why I'm going with a lawn sweeper. I'm tired of cutting both new and old grass at the same time especially since it can be composted and used elsewhere.

I'll try to dig the creepers out. Mandatory overtime tomorrow. And I still need to get a stump grinder..... Was that ever an attachment for cubs? I did see a larger 3 point version once. Just curious
Wayne, cut it just as often, only at a higher setting.
I have areas that I cut at setting #5 on the 54" fab deck on the 2154. The 128 and 44A as high as it will go.
When you miss a mowing and keep cutting it short is when the issues start to compound has been my experience before I raised the deck height.
Got a real nice break from the heat today.
I made the best of it and worked on my cub attachments all day!
What is the best way to replace the driveshaft in a 127? I pulled the engine, and finally got the bolts out of the flex coupling, but it won't go out the front. Tomorrow I'm going to try taking the steering gear loose to see if I can work it out then.


Danny M.
I just remove the back to bolts and loosen the front 2 and tilt the engine forward. If you want to make it real easy, take out the fronts as well and slide the engine forward. I really hate those 2 front bolts, LOL

I can't get it worked around the steering tube. It would be nice to be able to just tilt the engine. The fan on the driveshaft is the main problem.

When I figure out what I need for sure, I'll call you.


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