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Archive through January 05, 2013

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They 1x6 and1x7 doesn't have a tongue sticking out of it.
Lewis, I think the tounge was a option on that 1X4-1X5 series
Jeff - what I was saying earlier is that most all of us on here get dirt and grease under our finger nails, so that thing on the little left side panel of a 169, and on the dash of the QL is the Hourmeter.

Art - the Hourmeter has it's own wire harness with a 3 connector plug. On the 169 the power is connected to the positive side of the coil (as Frank noted) and the ground is to the little screw holding the side cover to the frame - see my pic below.
Harry; Yes. Is that yours? If so, more pics? and can you back me up on the power coming from the + side of the coil? How clean!!

(edit) my slow.
Home of the Plow Special

Art ; if you look at R Bedell fancy coloured wiring diagrams you will see that the 86,108,109,128,129,149 and 169 all had that blue wire for electric lift. I bet the same harness was used on all those tractors !

I hate we post 1x9
Why not just use all the numbers . I bet it is confusing to new people who read thses post where the X is used.
Checked in just in time to remind me that I was bidding on this hourmeter:

Jacked my max bid up to $30 just in time to get it for $29.99.
So now that I'm here: Art: No provision for a fuel pump on this K341. Is that normal?

Frank can you update us on that block, what all has been done so far?
I`am thinking of buying a sickle bar mower. Can I install one on my 149 ? do they fit all cubs or do I have to look for a special one to work on the 149. any help is much appreciated and a going price would help . thanks Don T

Like Frank C says I ain`t done yet lol.

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