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Archive through February 06, 2013

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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I need some cash, so here goes one of the big toys. I'm selling my 1969 Model 72. It has a newer 10hp motor. Motor runs good, but smokes some. I rebuilt the tractor about 15 years ago, but not the motor. I mostly just played with it, pulling a wagon around, and even took it to a car show once. Was hoping to build a puller out of it some day. The wheels are pulling wheels, 4x8 on front, 12x12 8in offset on rear. The tires are in new condition. The steering is a little loose, and the clutch needs the teaser spring. The clutch could use a heavy spring with the larger tires, it slips when you are in third gear some. I've had a lot of fun on this pulling the kids around the neighborhood, but they are a little big for the wagon now, so it's been sitting. If you want to build a puller, this is a great tractor to start with. If you want a nice toy, it works for that too. The wheels and tires were over $500.

So if you are interested, send me an email and I will get back with you. Send me your number and I will call you.

Email me at [email protected].

I'm wanting $650 for it.

I'm located in Bloomington Indiana. I can deliver for a fee.







The snowthrower manual is spoken for too.....

Thanks guys!!
I have a RARE 1985 cub cadet 1512 diesel with the 3 cyl. d600 Kubota diesel in it. I also have attachments for it as well. the tractor runs great no leaks it has 12xx.x hrs on it. it has a 3pt hitch that only needs the lift bar. the tractor also has a 60in. cut mower deck that only needs a belt. I have a 10in brinly plow for it as well and I have a front hyd. snow blade for tractor to. tractor does have brand new front 4 rib tires on it. with turf tires on the back. im asking $2,660.00 obo im located in Cambridge city,IN zip 47327 ph 765-541-0100 please leave a mesage I can txt ya a picture of tractor. I WILL NOT SHIP THE UNIT IT MUST BE PICKED UP IN PERSON AND PAID FOR IN CASH ONLY!!!
The rear lift that was posted on Feb. 11th is sold.
Also the round fenders I posted earlier are sold.
I am willing to trade/buy/sell to someone who really wants/needs a 13 fin 169 for a 1650. I'm not sure if I want to break down the 169 but I ned to end up with a 16hp for a project tractor.

Do understand this.... I have what I need/want sitting right now in my driveway, just making the complete tractor available to the 169 crowd.

Email me and let me know what you have.

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