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Archive through February 06, 2013

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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New member
Feb 5, 2013
Steve Bailey
IH 782 Cub Cadet for sale in Kingston Springs TN 37082. I bought this mower new in 1980. Still runs great. Priced picked up for $1,650 OBO. 615-478-4101 or [email protected]





Steve B - are you sure you purchased your 782 shown below, in 1980? The tag on the side of the frame looks like CCC (Cub Cadet Corporation), Cleveland, OH. If it was in 1980 then that tag should state International Harvester Corp, Chicago, IL.
I believe CCC started production in June 1981 and early on they still included the IH emblems on the tractors, at least the red ones sold thru IH dealers.
I was going to say the exact same thing. Not made by IH but by CCC. Still a great looking machine.
Also has the aluminum rear end.Is it a K17 series1?
Some of the CCC units still had IH dashes and front logos.
You guys are correct, I think I did get it in fall of 1981. Could have even been 82. When did CCC go from red to yellow? I am not a collector, just a owner/user. I do know that the engine is a Kohler 17 hp series 2 engine.
They fully went to yellow in 1986. From 1981-1985 they built yellow ones for ccc dealers and red ones for farmall dealers. Essentially identical tractors minus paint and badging.
For sale: Re-listing a Cub Cadet 123. It runs well and has been overhauled. I have replaced the driveshaft, key switch, seat, spindles, and rims. I havew also shimmed up the front end and tightened up the steering. It has turf tires all the way around. It has some issues. The hydro works great but it does leak in several places. Also, the ACR in the cam is faulty. I have a different cam that will go with the sale. I can get it started so one can hear it run. It will also need a battery. $300. Please contact me at [email protected]. Located in Springville IA.

Weights, ags, plow, or 3pt are not included.
For sale: IH Cub Cadet 1250. Runs well and does not smoke. I recently installed two rear ISO mounts. The hydro works good, no leaks. Comes with a 44 inch deck. PTO, hourmeter, etc. all work fine. Tires are good and hold air. Does not have sideshields, and will need a battery. $350. Please email [email protected]. Location: Springville IA.

The 1250 is the picture furthest to the left. The 1450 and 1650 shown are not for sale at this time.
For sale: IH Cub Cadet 100. Runs well with no smoke. Tranny and clutch work well. Has 6-12 rears and skinny fronts that all hold air. A good solid tractor for restoration. It has a few small holes drilled in the hood and has some holes in the tunnel cover. $300. Please email at [email protected]. Location: Springville IA.
Charlie was here.

Tractor for sale is the one to the left.
For sale: IH Cub Cadet 71. Has been recently overhauled. It runs very well. Sheet metal is straight. The driveline/tranny works well. It has a 38 inch deck. PTO clutch works well. It also has round fenders. It also has the super steer? ( the really fine steering) in it installed by the PO. Would be an awesome tractor to paint up and use. That was my plans but I'm looking to give it a better home. $450. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. Location: Springville IA.

Pic is of the day I brought it home. It now has round fenders and a different seat.
Rear lift for Cub Cadet Original. $175.00 plus shipping. Located in Albion, In.
Tim Gipe (tgipe) has these two 582's for sale. I'm just posting pics for him.






Sorry Mick- Was gonna have Tim post pricing and details since he can modify easier. Anyways, He is wanting $700 for the Red 582 and $550 for the yellow 582.
Thanks John for posting the pics of the two 582 tractors, the red one has real good paint but smokes some, the yellow one is good condition and runs good, $700 for the red one $550 for the yellow one, email or call 1 815 718 2246 before 9 pm for more info, thanks, Tim.
still looking for someone interested in 61 original with deck.serial number 7981.would make good addition to/or first time restoration to any collection. all there runs still using for yard work last fall. needs a little TLC paint and decals. would be good 4H or FFA project.(would be willing to consider that in price) still asking 1000.00 or REASONABLE offer. still located in Nevada Ia. CALL ONLY 515-382-6004 after 5pm or leave message any time. THANKS LARRY
The 100 listed below has been sold. Its in the works to trade for a 72 here in a few weeks. Thanks Jim W.!
For sale: Cadet 85 for parts. Missing seat, wheels, and engine. Crankshaft pulley is still there. PO junked engine b/c it blew up. Body is very good, no cracks from what I can tell. It has electric start. Tranny, axles, steering are still there and supposedly in good shape. Good parts for someone into the RER's. Has a really nice deck too. If it dosent sell itl get a motor. No shipping. $100. Please email me at [email protected] if interested. Location: Springville IA.
For Sale: Cadet Connection 'back issues'.

Fall 2001 (The first/beginning issue)
2002 Complete set (Spring issue is a little dirty on the cover)
2003 Complete set (Spring issue is a little dirty on the cover)
2004 (missing the Fall 2004 issue)
2005 Complete set
2006 Complete set






All 20 Issues for $55 shipping included (in the lower 48 states)....that's a savings of $55!!

Operators Manual for QA36 and QA42 Snowthrowers (Reprint) -still in the plastic!-

$12 Shipping included (in the lower 48 states)

If interested, please contact me at: c1450c @yahoo.com


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