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His write up on replacing the cork gasket on the hydro pump is in the Faq here .

Cub Cadet FAQ's http://cubfaq.com/corkgasket.html

Hydro Pump Gasket Replacement

Information Stolen from IHCUBCADET.COM
and wonderfully written up by Gerry (Kendall) Ide,
on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 07:15 pm:
Thanks again. I found the sight that Gerry Ide put together he did a great job. With that info, I found where the gasket is. It is hard to see with the fenders on. Another job for me this summer.
Art I thought I posted it before but I can't find it,

I drilled a larger hole in the rear plate where the hydro fill plug was, and I then cut the threaded part of a pipe fitting off. And welded it to the inside. I then screwed in the sight glass that came from a 1000 ton absorptain chiller that we replaced at work.

The sight glass is high temp/pressure
Came across this crawler today and can't seem to find any information on it. Has a Kohler K241 and looks to be from the late 1960's. It's small as that is a 10 year old kid getting off the crawler. It looks like a great collectable, but just don't know enough about it before reaching deep into my pockets to acquire it. Any help would be appreciated.

Look up Struct mini dozer.....its not a cub cadet. Still cool though!

And I even started searching that page but stopped to soon
KRAIG - I knew it was Wyatt that put a site glass in the rear cover first. But I didn't remember exactly when or remember the fact he was working hard on his Wheatland tractor then too.

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