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Ag tread tires for 122 rear

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I scored a pair of Carlisle Tru Power 23/8.5/12 on Amazon a few years ago for I think $65 each because the seller only had 2 left. A couple weeks later, they restocked and the price went back up to $90 each.
Google "Giga Tires". They have Deestone model D405 23x8.50x12 ag-type tires at about $37 apiece. I have used Deestone (made in Thailand or India) on the front rims of a few farm tractors, and they have been fine. These D405 tires are 6 ply, so they're going to be stiff, but they should work.
The Deestone garden tractor size tires I have seen are made in China, and they run small compared to other tires of the same size. Not a great option IMO unless cost is the only concern.
Well, the Giga tire ad I looked at an hour ago showed the country of origin for these tires as Thailand. What can I say?