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982 headlight frustrations

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Oct 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Mike Patterson
4411 sealed headlights in the grill of 982. Key switch is in the on position for lights to be on, test light shows power at all tabs at the headlights. Bulbs work as they are/were tested on 782, they light up nice and bright. Plug them into the 982 spade tabs - NOTHING.

What the heck am I missing? The tabs fight together just as tight as they do on the 782, so why is the 982 not lighting them up? Can't find a break in wire - if there was one I'm sure I wouldn't get power to the test light.

TOTALLY confused. Is old age setting in that quick on me?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Tested this again this morning, bit more awake.

The 982 has power to both terminals on same light?

782 only hasnit to one terminal, lights work fine on it

Why do I have power to both the yellow and black wire on 982? Pto works fine on it, so what is causing lights not to work properly? Wiring shorting/grounding out somewhere?
Sounds like you have the wires routed wrong, i.e. both positive terminals to one bulb and both negatives to the other, or someone before you has messed up the wiring. Got a pic of that area?
I don't have a pic unfortunately right now as I'm at work.

Have 1 yellow and 1 black wire to each bulb. I put test light to each of the 4 terminals, test light lights up. If there was a wire grounding out somewhere, could it cause this? I would have thought the fuse would have blown if grounding out?
Strange thing is I have never had issues with head lights working before now? I have not done anything with wwires either. No repair work near them. Last repairs I did was the rock shaft, and there are no wires near it to cut or splice or ??🤷‍♂️
You can have enough power (12VDC) to satisfy a meter (or tester) but not enough power (amperage) to carry the 12VDC under load. For a simple check, run a Test Wire from the Battery negative (-) terminal to the Ground lug of the 4411, with the Ignition Switch in the lights on position, and see if the 4411 lights up. This will determine if it is a ground issue, or a power issue.
If one is available, use a VOM to determine if you have adequate power to the terminals.
First headlights is the 982, second is the 782.


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As RBEDELL said. To trouble shoot for amperage, run a separate wire from negative side of battery to on side of headlight. Then plug yellow wire into bulb... Turn on ignition... See if the bulb lights brightly.
Disconnect yellow wire, plug in black wire, see if bulb lights brightly, dim or not at all.
Let us know
Hopefully it is a simple ground issue. Have to move tractor aaround in order to get at ground. Garage is a bit on the over crowded side.
Yeah, 3 cubs, atv, tractor build, 2 smokers, welding bench, walk behind blower fill mine. Oh, and a camper van build happening for the wife 🤯 yeah, sure honey, there is lots of space! So much that I had to build a temporary garage around entire van. It looks like an orange dog house mansion attached to the front of my garage. Getting tractors in and out for snow removal and filling wood box is a major PIA
It worked grounding a rest wire to the negative battery terminal. So my issue is grounding, but where.


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You didn't specify what serial number your tractor is, but here is a diagram for an IH built 982. Look for the grounds, which there aren't a whole lot to be found..


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