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782 Hydraulic lift.

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Well-known member
Apr 15, 2008
David A. Gregg
My 782 hasn't had a deck on it for several years. Today I decided to put the deck back on to use. Worked to get the deck down out of the haymow and belt was still with it. The mule drive was never removed. Drove the tractor into the machine shed and went to lower the lift so I could get the deck on and the valve is froze up. Can't get it to move either way. Any ideas on how to fix this?
In the event that the lever/linkage is seized, I would spray some Kroil or P-Blaster on it and see if it improves. If it is the valve body, they are very common if the tractor does not have the front hydraulic remotes.

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Well I got it free.
I sprayed some penetrant on it yesterday and tried getting a punch down between everything to tap it a little.
Today i found a huge long punch in my dads stuff and got it down thru on to the shoulder of the valve. I didn't want to stress the linkage and hit t couple of times and it moved a fraction so a took a prybar and got it in and pried between the linkage and the valve body and it moved up. Repeat both steps a couple of time and it broke free.
Really don't understand how something immersed in oil and can freeze up. Tractor is always inside and I don't think it's ever been rained on either.
Any mechanical implement or vehicle needs to be exercised, much like the human body. Sitting idle for long periods is one of the worst things for them. Glad you were able to get it freed up.
Dave, are you able to share any pix of your 782? Those are sure a good-looking model Cub.
Especially when surrounded by a patch of freshly-mowed turfgrass!
Glad you got the lift freed up again.

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