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782 engine swap, wiring sanity check

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Oct 2, 2013
Northern NEW YORK
Tony Hoffman
The original kt17 needed 12v to the coil for the On/Off.
New to me engine has a magneto setup so Now the On/Off function will be nothing electrical to Run but the Off will be Shorting that coil to Ground. Correct?
Yes, the Magnum's magneto shorted to ground to kill the spark, all done with the key switch and the kill wire.
Do you have to replace the switch?
I have converted a couple of battery ignition tractors over to the magneto ignition. I replaced the key switch with one from a 582 or 1811, then re-pinned the connector and ran wiring/ deleted wiring as needed. No issues with the conversions.
I have the original schematic. 10 years ago I made s new harness. No ignition key...Main toggle Switch to send 12v to coil as well as to headlight and Mule switches. Ill simply csp off the 12v wire to voil and add a switch to Ground to attach to new coil. I assumed this, was just confirming.
I'll start pulling out the kt17 if it would stop snowing. The mounting plate is an oily mess. Not garage worthy.
It looks like , the best way to take this engine out is by unbolting the mounting plate. Take it out with plate attached. Yes? No?

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