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582 special gas capacity

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Jun 25, 2003
Lonny Buttke
I found out the hard way what the gas capacity of a 16hp Briggs twin cyl motor is in a 582 special.
Two weekends ago on saturday I changed the oil, and replaced the air filter on this motor, filled the gas tank with fresh gas and fired up the motor after a long winters nap.
Did some yard work for a couple of hours and shut it down as I needed to go to my paying job.

Just last saturday I go to fier up the tractor and when I turned the key the motor only grunted, tried again and it only grunted again.

Haveing this happened befor I pull the oil dipstick and sure enough there is gas in the oil, so I get the drain pan and pull the plug and drain out the fresh 1 1/2 quarts of oil and 2 1/2 quarts of gas.
Try the key again, motor only grunts, yep cylinders are full of gas also, pull the plugs, spin over the motor, gas flying all over.

Refill crank case with fresh oil, put spark plugs back in and fire it up.
This time when I shut it down at the end of the day I remembered to shut off the gas.
Lonny: Been there, done that, have the 16 HP block in my garage to prove it. I don't know if it was the several times the crank case filled with gas or the sad shape of the drive shaft when I got it, but my 16 HP failed, in part, because of the condition of the bearings. The rear main leaked, and the con rod knocked. When I finally got it apart, one of the rod journals had already been turned so the motor was not a candidate for reworking.

The motor really shouldn't fill with gas just because it is left sitting, but like you, I installed a shut-off valve --and learned to use it the same way you're learning to use yours. I haven't had the issue with the Kohler replacement, perhaps it is because I'm using an electric fuel pump (built for an automobile) installed on the frame.

Anyway, sorry to hear about your crank case filling up; just wanted you to know you're not the first person to have the experience . . .
You need to rebuild the carb and fuel pump if it's doing that...shutting the gas off does not fix the problem.
Matt G.

Shutting off the gas is my fixing the problem as if I tore the carb off the motor, the motor would never run again.
Never was any good at carb rebuilds, or engine rebuilds.
Can replace just about any part on the outside of the motor no problem, but once the motor is opened by me, all bets of it running once again are off.

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