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3000 Series Snow Plow

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Jul 22, 2021
Millbrook, NY 12545
Hi Guys.... I have a 3206 , which has the 22 hp Kohler Command, with hydraulic power steering, and 54 " deck lift , and rear lock diff. Due to climate change , and snow in my area of NY becoming less fluffy, and more wet and soggy, over the recent years, I am thinking about a snow plow, in addition to my Cub Cadet snow blower. Found a plow, and front attachment carrier for a 3000 series, both brand new in box, with lines for plow lift and angle. My question is ....that I will need the 2 additional hand levers for plow lift and angle. Before I purchase plow and front attachment carrier, what else will it need in the way of the 2 hand levers, and related hydraulics ? And how difficult will this project be ? Someone out there must have done this , I 'm thinking. GTSRider..... Hudson Valley , NY
I have a big long uphill driveway and plowed for years with a big 30hp tractor but it was slow. Got a 4x4 4 wheeler that worked very well but in deep snow i could only push about 1/2 a plow width at a time. Best thing that i did was buy a smowblower with a cub cadet hooked to it. just my .$ .02

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