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1450 barely backup up after Neutral Adjust.

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Apr 21, 2020
Philippi Wv
The speed control level on my 1450 has been out of adjustment since I bought it in 2020. As the image shows, the tractor's neutral (as far as the pump trying to move the tractor forward or reverse) was when the lever was in the position shown in the picture. I have been reading our website's document "Operation Neutral Adjust for Hydros" and various YouTube videos on how to get the speed lever to be in neutral. I performed this according to the document and I was thrilled when the tractor was in neutral when the lever was in neutral. The problem I now have is, I have almost no power backing up in a flat area. Any incline and the tractor will not move. The fluid is full and fairly fresh with an actual CC hydro filter. Is this an indication that the pump is wore out?


  • speed contol.JPG
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If the pic indicates where neutral was before doing the operational neutral adjust, then that is part of most of the problem. The length of the linkage rod from the hydro lever to cam plate must be such that the lever returns to neutral on the dash when the brake is depressed. After this is done, perform the operational neutral adjustment to get the trans to be in neutral when the lever is.
I just did this adjustment on my 1450 this morning. After adjusting the hydro lever to the cam plate the speed lever returned to neutral when the brake was depressed. But the hydro was whining quite a bit. I loosened the bolts for the cam plate adjustment and bumped it up about 1/4 inch. Works great now.
It seems a complex and intimidating mechanism.But when you study the info and responses you have received here from our knowledgeable members and you do it for yourself,You will say 'WOW',that wasn't hard,why did I put up with that?I know,I've been there.Good luck