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I meant jb weld
I really appreciate the advice. I have the parts on the way and I have a craftsman mower that I have had for a few years that I use around the property. I have been waiting to find a tractor like this one for a while, so I am not going to work it until I fix it. I plan to own it and use it for as long as it or I will work so I am going to go ahead and fix all of it one piece at a time.
Also good to hear that I only have to take the seat and finder off to work on it. I really did not want to take the trans out.
Thanks everyone so much for the help! I was able to access the trunnion arm and weld the piece on so that the springs are now in place. I am able to drive around now which is awesome, but... Now when I run at full throttle it shutters very badly until I throttle back down to lowest idle. I have found there is a motor mount on the left side that is missing. I am going to take the one off the right and match it up at the store and try to put them both back in. I am hoping this solves my problem but if there are any other reasons for a shudder in the engine I would like to know. I can see my drive shaft (seeing that my tunnel cover is missing) and it is spinning very smooth. I have no problems at all at lower idle so I do not thing it is a carb issue but could be wrong. Has anyone else experienced a shudder in the engine at higher idles and it was something other than the motor mounts?
Oh, and to answer any questions that I saw discussed further up in this conversation, I was able to access the Control drive plate, Swashplate control arm, and Control arm by only removing the seat and the fender as a whole. It was a bit of a .... chore to get the tension rings off the arms, but I made it happen. I did have to get the special wrench to get them back on though. I was able to do the welding by placing a wet town all around everything that I had uncovered, and only letting the Swashplate control arm extend above it.

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