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Your first gun

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Jun 25, 2004
Bill Cook
Recently a guy I work with came out with a clay bird thrower, and some of his shotguns, and the two of us and my son shot trap for an afternoon. My son seemed like a 'natural' at it, and since he REALLY showed an interest, and he used the guns safely and properly, I decided to get him a shotgun of his own.

I had though about getting him a 12ga. semi-auto, but after thinking about it quite a bit (at 15 he is all arms and legs, and no 'ass' if you know what I mean...stick skinny
), I changed my mind, and decided to get him a 20ga. pump.

Yesterday I went gun shopping for Brandon's Christmas present. I went to 5 different shops in the morning/early afternoon. Last night I went out again, and finally bought my sons Christmas present.

I got him a Remington 870 Express, 20ga. 28" barrel, wood stock/forearm and a Modified choke tube. Gander Mountain had it for $259.00 and Remington has a rebate now on all model 870 Express guns...$30 back. The cheapest I had found earlier was $279 for an 870 Express with synthetic stock/forearm...and $299 for the wood version!!

I can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning when he opens that present

I can't wait to spend a lot of time with him hunting, and shooting trap.

So, everybody jump in, and tell about when you got your first gun..was it passed down through your family, did you buy it yourself, was it a birthday or Christmas present?
Oh man!
Mine was a X-mas present way back in 1961. Brand spanin new Sears 410 single shot. I got 2 boxes of shells and by noon that day, they were gone and I had 11 squirrels and 6 rabbits in the bag!
Oh and 2-5 gallon cans blown to HEdoubleL and back!
Anyboby remember "The Rifleman" starring Chuck Conners with his lever action rifle? (1958)
That was the driving force for me to go out and get a lever action .22 so I could shoot from the "hip". Marlin Golden 39A I was only 14 yrs.
First real gun was a Stevens 16ga bolt action shotgun.My stepdad gave it to me for my 14th birthday.Both are gone now,but the memory lives on!

How 'bout an MP-44? Not exactly something you tell a lot of folks about when you're growing up in Chicago...

I tell ya, 7.92mm rounds were a BITCH to find, let alone the cyanide filled or explosive ones
Tedd -

Would that be an M1 Selectric?
I'd kill (bad choice of words?) for an <FONT COLOR="ff0000">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="000000">H</FONT> M1...
That might be easier than finding the Highly collectable Rockola!! Man people go nuts for them record changing rifles......
My first was a Daisy BB gun when I was 8 or 9. My first shotgun was a 12 gauge Beretta Overunder that my dad bought for me to use when I was 12 years old. My first rifle was a 30-30 Marlin 336C, that my dad bought for me (again when I was 12) from a very good friend that we used to bird hunt with. The Marlin has a lot of sentimental value to me. I've shot a bunch of rough grouse and pheasents with the Beretta a beautiful shotgun, really it was too nice to be busting brush with, but all those scratches that are now on the stock have "personalized" it.
The Marlin was semi retired last year as my brother and I got matching Browning A-Bolts in 30-06 from my parents (my dad won them at various Pheasent, Sheep, or Elk fundraisers). My daughter will be using the Marlin 30-30 next year when she starts deer hunting. My highschool graduation present from my parents was a nickel plated Colt Diamondback .22LR with a 6" barrel. My dad has a matching Colt Diamondback, I believe only 600 of these were made in the 6" with nickel plated configuration.
I was about the same age as Kraig when I got My first B-B gun. It was a PITA to load the 50-shot tubular magazine all the time so it got replaced after a short while with the 700-shot version. First "REAL" gun just like Jerry, had to be a lever action, Ithaca lever action single shot 22.... probably the poorest excuse for a firearm ever made. After less than a box of shells it stopped ejecting the spent casing. Dad used it ONE time and He took it back to town and got the REMININGTON 22 bolt-action single shot I have now. Son got Dad's RUGER 22 semi-auto...Nice gun!
Mine was a 12 ga.Monkey Ward single shot at the age of 12. Kicked like an Arkansas mule!
Years ago I won a Winchester model 120 ranger in a combo, at a raffle when I was about 10 or 11. Ok gun, as long as you didn't get any weed sead in the trigger mechanism. Went bird hunting a few times and couldn't use the saftey because of a few seeds logged in it. Later went out and bought a real pump gun, winchester model 12, the gun is more than twice my age and still shoots great.
I think this thread needs some photos. :eek:)

Top down:

Browning A-Bolt in 30-06 with Bushnell Elite 3200 1.5-4.5x32mm scope.
Marlin 336C in 30-30 with Weaver 1.5x fixed scope.
Daisy BB gun.


Here's the Colt Diamondback that I got as a highschool graduation gift. It's a 22LR, a rather rare handgun. I made the case for it in highschool wood shop class. I made a second velvet covered insert that is cutout for two of the Diamondbacks to fit so that the matching gun that my father has can fit. He also has a nickel plated Colt Python with a 6" barrel in .357 that matches nicely too. If I put the second insert into the bottom of the case all three handguns will fit, but then I have to leave the ammo and cleaning kit out.



How do you like that 336C 30-30?
Does it kick much for a 30-30?

I had a 336C that kicked like mule compaired to my 30-30 savage bolt action.
my first gun was a brand new Stevens .410 single shot given to me at christmas from my parents and I still use it today, and some day I hope to pass it on to my daughter as her first gun, because with a single shot ya learn in a hurry to make the first shot count or start reloading like a madman!! Infact that year both me and my brother got one and they where the first guns that my dad ever bought new!! And he has some real nice ones that he bought used and can rattle of the stories of who he bought all his guns from, some day I would like to sit down with him and write down the historys of his guns cause they could tell some real good war stories.
Lonny, I really like the 336C I've been deer hunting with it for 32 years. Yeah it kicks but when you're shooting a deer the adrenaline kicks in and you never notice the kick. When target shooting at the farm yes, then I notice the kick which is almost as much as the Browning 30-06.
Grew up on the farm had a Daisy BB gun by age 9 being a big kid by 12 I inheirted my favorite Uncle's JC Higgins 12 gauge still have it after 44 years.

At one time I used to kinda, sorta of, be like a pawn shop. Guys needed money I would buy their gun ended up with 56 different hand guns and long barrels kept a few, years ago and then sold the rest to a friend who was a gun dealer in another state. A couple I should have kept was a Marlin 444 and a Colt 9 inch 44 mag.

22 yrs. ago my son's step brother was killed (whom I was very close with)when he accidently got shot at another young boy's house. The shot gun was suspose to be unloaded and the boys were playing with it (nobody around) of course we all know those stories very tragic.

I lost my love for guns back then; but recently I find myself thinking about hunting again. Matter of fact this summer I bought myself a 22-250 to reach out and touch some coyote and coy dogs. Why a 22-250 I still had 10 boxes of those shells stored in the basement. Yes well protected and well locked up.

Sorry for the long speach but I love to read about other's hunting adventures, their guns, and dogs. Opening season here at Pops farm this Sat. even tho I do not hunt my hunting friends stop and show off their deer and great stories!

Did you say hunting dogs? I grew up with German Shorthair pointers. My parents still have two of them. Best breed of dog around for hunting rough grouse or pheasant. I wonder if this will turn into a debate like the hydro/gear drive and the great oil debates?
Ok, here we go. My dad actually has my grandfather's antique double barrel shotgun. It's a 12 ga Stevens. I'm not really sure how old it is, but I know it's been in the family for a loooooong time. He also his my grandfather's semi-autmoatic .22. This rifle isn't quite as old as the shotgun, but it's got some years on it too. Not sure what brand it is.

As for me, I bought my first gun about 7-8 years ago. I really only needed because of a pesky squirrel problem. I've got a Mossberg 20 ga pump action. Needless to say, I don't have much of a squirrel problem anymore!! Those pesky little critters used to get in the shed, under the hoods of our cars, and god knows where else!!

As my son gets older (he's only 8), he'll also get to learn how to properly use and respect guns, just like my dad did with me.

When I was younger, I used to go to 4-H camp (what a long time ago), and that's where I learned a lot of gun safety. We used to have a target range for the kids old enough that had parental permission to practice.
What a great experience it was!

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