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Well I love her again, 1450.

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So among many projects my wife and I have been remodeling another home to live in. We've decided to go with the liberator rocket heater, and switch back to wood and various other pellet type fuel. The cheapest way to feed it is probably slab wood, so I was curious if anyone has come up with an attachment for a quietline to help process slab wood? I've seen some things on older tractors with the big wide belt I think I could adapt those ideas. I'd need to split it and cut to length.
down this path, maybe


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So I got a wild hair, and bought a little ATV winch for the old ugly 1450. I can think of about a dozen different ways if could have helped me this past week. I'm going to be revising my weight box and turning it into a battery box/winch mount. I think I'm going to build a short boom also. I got into a situation where it would have been nice to park my yard cart without unloading it first, because now the stuff I had to unload will need moved again because since I'm paraplegic I wasn't strong enough to lift the cart and sit it on a block. It was only about 20 4x8x16 cap blocks and a couple pavers but still it's making a lot of extra work my back will be sure to thank me for later. But anyways , if I could've just hooked the winch cable up going through the boom I could've just picked the cart up easily and slid a block under. I'm also going to weld some tabs on the battery box so my plow can be rear mounted and just use the winch for lifting and lowering. I don't have the materials on hand to rebuild the plow frame for attaching to the front to the quick attach and not sure how soon il be able to get over to my buddies welding shop to buy more steel. If any one else is using a rear mounted plow how is does it do? Will pushing in reverse be harder on my tractor hydro pump or anything else? It seems like an alright plan to me, more weight to dig in and attached to the toughest part of the tractor. I figure it will basically be a hillbilly 3 point in a way. My only concern is with the plow and battery behind the axle making the front too light. Oh I forgot to add my neighbor hooked me up with a couple old drums from his jeep that are the same bolt pattern as cub I'm thinking about bolting them on with the wheels, right now they're just riding loose in the weight box, but since I'm revising it they won't be fitting there any longer. I'd love to see some of you other folks winch ideas on your cubs.
Oh yeah I forgot, I guess I'm due for a rebuild or repower. Its pretty smokey on startup then clears up but is using oil, not leaking, but not keeping it in the pan. I'm just not sure why it would be smokey on start up, oil doesn't leak up, so how is it getting in the cylinder? It does get a lot of start and stops short trips, so I guess it could be getting past the rings until it warms up, idk. This tractor is just lucky I don't hate it, and started loving it.
This is so tiny and amatuer compared to what you guys are doing but you inspired me I made this . The generator keeps up fine and I can lift enough to literally bring the rear tires off the ground......kinda hard on the actuator at that weight though. We mostly fill by hand, lift, drive to target pull over spot lift and dump, repeat etc. Very useful but not a loader
Mines mostly scraps too, I'm replacing the spiroloc pin for my lift linkage today. If it breaks again I may have to drill it out and step up to the next pin or just break down and finally build a loader or payloader style bucket for the front.
Replaced the broken spirol pin it was the inner one that connects to the link that goes to the hydro. That was a ummm fun job. The angle of the dash and everything right there just makes it fun lol. Started on my winch mount, hoping to finish it today and start the battery box and boom for lifting stuff. I have snatch blocks and various heavy duty pulleys for winch cable so rigging that up should be easy, I used to build silos so I'm just copying our lift hoist for pulling staves up simple effective and easy to remove or adjust to get it out of the way. This might look goofy but will help me a ton moving stuff and lifting stuff. I already have plans to use it to help build my deck. At least the parts I can do.
Also I found a project 149 nearby, if all goes right that will be my tractor for my loader build. Keeping my fingers crossed for this to happen. Then I can hunt a pair of 1x7s or 5s to do my ike martin tribute to his double Minneapolis Moline.