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Soft shell cabs - wide frames

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Well-known member
Oct 6, 2009
Ontario, Canada
Mike Patterson
Just wondering who has the soft shell cabs on their cubs? I'm talking the canvas ones with the plexiglass windows. They fit okay, not rattling and shaking all over the place? Fairly easy to get in and out of? What about fogging up inside? Have you ever had to replace the windows, hard job?

I believe you need to drill hole in fender or does it mount using the bolts under the seat and the floor boards? Anyone happen to know how tall they are once installed on tractor?

Wondering what it would be like to have on the 782.


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    shell cab.jpg
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    soft shell.jpg
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I can't comment on the fogging, rattling or shaking but you DO have to drill a hole in the fenders. One of my cubs had one and it has holes in the rear fender from it, I ended up buying the tractor without the cab.
Those cabs are a TOTAL PITA to enter and exit on a good day.
unless you are a 10 year old.
Add winter boots and coveralls and even that may be a challenge for some kids.
No more than an oversize voting booth you have to sit in with a windshield
I know this probably isn't going to be much help since it's not an IH windbreaker cab but I mounted this wheel horse cab that I was given on my 149 in 2022 to use as my main snow blowing machine and at least with this cab I haven't experienced any fogging issues so far.

I am on the short side so getting in and out hasn't been much issue but I can see what David is talking about how they could be troublesome for getting in and out of especially for a taller person.


  • 1000000432.jpg
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They are around 6 foot tall once installed. From floor to top of cab. The windows don't fog, and you do get a bit of heat from the engine, on a cyclops anyways. Opening the hood sucks, and filling the fuel tank on my 1862 borders impossible with a "new" style safety gas can, and is a royal pita with an old style fuel can. Getting in and out isn't too bad if your still going enough to be bendy, but if you're elderly, forget it. To wrap up this novel, I really like mine. I blow snow in 0° weather, wearing steel toe boots, blue jeans, and an insulated flannel shirt, no gloves.
I can't comment on the fogging, rattling or shaking but you DO have to drill a hole in the fenders. One of my cubs had one and it has holes in the rear fender from it, I ended up buying the tractor without the cab.
You don’t need to drill a hole in the fender if you have the bracket that mounts under the seat to hold the door shut. Mine doesn’t fog or rattle but it does shake when I go over uneven ground. It is a bit tight getting into and I’m only 5’10” 200 lbs. A big guy may have problems especially with lots of clothes on.
Installed a Berco Cab on my dad's 982, very surprised how quick and easy it was to install. Took just a little over an hour if you don't count the hardware trip. Fits like it was made just for the 982, other than a little tight with the arc at the front of the rear tire. The only additional or modified parts are the 1/2" couplers instead of the Berco brackets on the bottom front. Also I threaded the Berco rods to screw into the couplers. The rear Berco bracket is install upside down and higher than instructions as they want it to sit on the hitch. Didn't like that as the side covers were too low riding on the tires and it covered the rear lights. I simply loosened the sway bars and slipped the bracket behind them. After taking the pictures I did add washers to shim the chute direction handle just a little more away from the hood, it now sits centered in the slot. Would rather have the hard top cab, but there's just not a lot of them available. Used existing holes, no drilling required, never thought I'd like it to snow.


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