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original tires for #2 cart

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Well-known member
Feb 5, 2022
i have a nice original #2 except for the tires. anybody know a reasonable modern version?
My parents had a #2 that sat around for years before Dad told me to take it home. The tires were not original and were split and rotted. I just slipped a spare set of front wheels/tires from a cub tractor on and have been running it with those for several years now. I needed a couple of washers for spacers if I remember correctly. Might not be a solution for you but if you have a spare set from a parts tractor it's an easy fix.
Watch out for the Hirun brand made in china commonly sold at Amazon, Walmart etc.. I bought one of those for my cart, it lasted about a year. It cracked, bubbled, and went flat. It seemed to basically be an inner tube with tread. I then looked for a Carlisle brand, which to me seemed thicker and heavier, sadly enough it too is now made in china but the tire still is holding air. A friend recently brought over a new wheel barrow tire and rim that he recently bought. Same Hirun brand, cracked and leaking, he chose to put a tube in it (Waste of time and money but, he didn't ask my opinion). I helped him get the tube in and filled it with air and he was happy.
Actually, the Original Good Year tires on several of my Cub Cadets only lasted 30, 40, or 5!0 years until the dry cracked and blew out. But I have a FIRESTONE ALL Traction Field and Road in 13.6x38 6 ply that's 60 years old that looks great, and as a tire on a loader tractor it was frequently exposed to manure, carried the mounted picker, plowed, planted corn. And if you look at my 3 Cub Cadet garden tractors that have FIRESTONE tires too.
Actually, the Original Good Year tires on several of my Cub Cadets only lasted 30, 40, or 5!0 years until the dry cracked and blew out.

While the Firestones in your experience have been better, the Goodyears assuredly have exceeded most people expectations. Remember, IH/CCC/MTD never intended nor wanted these fine machines to last anywhere this long.

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