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Parts Wanted Looking for a 582 Briggs block or engine

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Well-known member
Aug 21, 2004
Jim Storma
Looking for a good briggs block for a 582 or whole engine.

Please PM me. Thank you.
If board members or sponsors don't have what you need, I did see a couple of used blocks on Ebay.
I saw them as well. The one looks like the bores are beat up pretty badly and I might be buying an expensive piece of scrap if the bores don't clean up to size and there are no returns.

The other looks correct but not sure if it's an exact replacement as some of those have bearing bores that are different for DU bearings, roller bearings and sleeve bearings from what I gathered. I'm also not sure either if the blocks thru the different HP's are all the same and the HP difference is just a different head and carb.....

I'm just not familiar enough to know that I'm buying what I need or something that is close but no cigar.
Would a 402707 block be correct? It must be for a vertical set up, but would there be anything different in the construction of the block?

There is a complete one on FB marketplace for $100 pulled from a Cub. Stated it ran several months ago. It is located in Bangor, PA 18013

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