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Steve, 42" and 54".




Add a couple ear extenders to the upper side of the fork making them longer.
BINGO, mush easier installation!!

They should already have a longer top to the fork, unless someone trimmed it back. Here's a photo of the fork on a narrow frame subframe.

NF Blade Subframe_01.jpg
Wide frames are much more difficult to deal with as the arms stab the rockshaft between the frame rails where you can't even see them easily
I lengthened the top fork on both mine and they are mush easier tom install now.
Steve -
yes detach blade in seconds

Yup, they sure are easy to detach, whether it's 42" or 54". Now, as Marty mentioned the 54" does take more power to push it. If you calculate it, the 54" has almost 30% more blade width AND that's a big jump. And, I believe your messages do imply the 54" is alot more rare (harder to find) than the 42". Back in the day of my 1450 (late 1980's) I wanted one and looked along long time. I liked my 42" but when I angled the blade one setting it didn't quite clear a snow path the width of my rear (10.5") tires. Finally I found a 54" (for a pretty penny too). I tried it out and soon discovered at the first angle setting it cleared a nice path, but almost to much. I decided I really preferred the QA42A snow thrower. Even with a light snow when I really had to push the hydro speed up to get it to throw rather than just spit and trickle. So, if you missed out on the 54" blade it probably isn't that bad. It makes a nice show piece since it's a big honker.

Now, attaching (installing) a standard wide frame blade is not as fast detaching. Yup, those ears will slip off the frame crossbar just when you try to lift the blade mount into the Quick Attach (QA) latch. There's a very very fine point where you can get the ears to just hang on the crossbar and be able to lift the blade into the QA. David S mentions extending the ears (top fork) made it much easier, and I really tend to believe it would. Dave doesn't mention much much he extended them, but I'd guess only about 1/2" would be enough.
Good for you Steve!

We didn't need to post that about the sickle bar. You may have caused spontaneous outrage and teardrops all over keyboards nationwide.

Isn't it funny how they seem to drop off the face of the earth when you want something in their ad?
Sickle thrown away?!!! 😭
I may have came across 3 or 4 in the past 12 years in this area. I have two of those. The others were very expensive, usually around $600 - $1000

As for the plow, don't expect too much. Great to have, but so-so on practicality.
If you are plowing deep or wet snow with the blade angled, the snow will push the front of your tractor opposite of the angle. I have the smaller blade, and it pushes my tractor to the side quite easily. I usually start with a straight angle in the middle of the drive, and then switch to a small angle. Even then, I can only use about half of my blade in order to keep the tractor straight.
I thought about more weight on the front, wider tires, and maybe chains on the front. On second thought, I only get to plow snow once in about 5 years. If I wait until the next day, the snow is already gone anyway! :roflol:
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