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I won't lie, as someone with a liking of other non-tractor IH memorabilia, I would not hesitate to buy that just for the sake of having a genuine IH branded air horn! would probably put an air hose fitting on it and just blast it at random times
What about a whistle? Our tractor club Advance Rumely has about a 4” whistle man this thing is loud. Wondering if you put a cutout on the exhaust of a cub? Would it be enough lol would probably need one like the last picture.
Great pictures, love steam engines!

Dray many years ago I was at a paper mill in Virginia (you could smell that place for miles). There were many assembly lines for different kinds of paper over about a 50 acre area. In the center was a huge compressor that supplied 600 psi lines throughout the buildings mainly to provide compressed air to the air-clutches on on the assembly lines. At noon on that day, they shut down all of the machines and vented that 600 psi to replace the compressor. Everybody held their ears ... it was loudest noise I have ever heard :).
Speaking of funny ads!
Had to share this one. Listed on FB marketplace.
"Very gently used mower blades
Hardly any wear on them
Quite sharp in some spots
Would love to get $30 ea. or $100 for all three
Very rare vintage look"
Pic of blades:
336045756_6036303529760547_2025106636891778213_n.jpg barely used.jpg

Wish I knew who sharpened these, so I could get them to put that fine edge on my blades! :roflol:
Save $10.00 and buy these babies individually!!!! :yikes::feint:

That is a 982 ofcourse (not a 782). This place is where I bought my 2182!! George Hutchinson's boneyard in Keysville, Maryland. He has quite a few gems in there amongst a few rust-buckets but mostly all good tractors. You could spend hours there just looking. But he is somewhat eccentric about selling stuff. He must have 50 pairs of rear weights for tractors of all kinds. Then other exotic items like a Cub Cadet pull-behind tiller. About a year ago, he put up a FB add for the whole lot -- the title of the ad was something like "$190,000 of Cub Cadets" lol.

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