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Flail mower

IH Cub Cadet Tractor Forum

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Active member
Apr 27, 2020
This is not a cub cadet but I thought it is cool. I found a 3 ft flail mower to pull behind my cub cadet it is powered by an 8 horse Briggs motor. I have never seen a small one like it so I had to have it. I think it’s a neat attachment. Has anyone else ever seen one. I’ve seen them for bigger tractors


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When we bought our small acreage I rented a large walk behind flail. It was great for 2-3 ft. weeds and brambles. Turned everything into "mulch". Deck mowers are more for "kept" lawns. One year an acre got away and I sure could of used one like that instead of the deck mower.
Having a CC1650 with a Front End Loader (FEL) on it, I think it would be way trick to put a quick change mount on the back of that flail to replace the bucket to control my 5ac. of black berry brambles here in Oregon with. Be one hell of a hedge trimmer.
Flail mowers are great. For a number of years, my neighbors and I had a guy with a bush hog mow our back fields. It always looked good for a day or two, then mysteriously, rows of uncut grass would appear. Last year, I hired someone with a large flail mower to come in and mow the fields. What a difference. Starting out with about 2' - 2 1/2' of field grass, the final result almost looked like a yard. Flail mowers are big business in Europe and other parts of the world. If you search for YouTube videos of flail mowers, you will see the difference in final results. Most of the accessory dealers now carry flail mowers, most of them made in Italy. These dealers can't keep them in stock. Kubota/LandPride even introduced a new line of flail mowers to their lineup. When I buy my new Kubota tractor later this year so I can cut these fields myself, you can rest assured, a flail mower will be part of the purchase. I will admit, they are more expensive than a traditional bush hog, but NOT having to cut my fields twice by having to cut them in a hatch pattern. Time is money.
We had a Brillion 6 ft rotary cutter/mower/bush hog and I'm very familiar with the striping when you mow taller vegetation. We pulled it most times with a 35 hp Farmall Super H with narrow front end, plus about half the rear tires left streaks of un-mowed grass. Chopping corn stalks was one of the better things it was suited for. We mowed hay with it, our old sickle mower was shot, a new IH balanced head 9 ft trailing sickle mower was 5-figures price-wise, really hard to justify. But the Brillion worked O-K at 5 mph, would have worked better at 4 mph. A flail mower does do a nice job of chopping stuff up, but they chop everything so many times they really take a LOT of horsepower to run, or a very slow travel speed.
Had to laugh, Dad always gave me the weakest easiest to break shear bolts for the Brillion, and I'd break them, but Dad put our 100 hp 4010 Deere on the Brillion to mow some weeds and waterways. THE weak shear bolts won't even withstand engaging the pto, so he installs the Grade 8-Plus bolts he hides from me. He's going down a grass waterway in 3 ft high grass in 5th gear, 6 mph, rolling a tiny bit of coal and all of a sudden the load on the engine disappears. HE looks behind and the gearbox output shaft and blades are sitting in the grass with uncut grass starting right there. I don't know what that parts bill was, but Dad got it fixed the next day, went back out, and the 4 capscrews on the pto stub shaft worked loose and tried to shift from 540 to 1000 RPM which tore up lots of stuff in the rearend of the 4010. The 4010 went to the independent repair shop, got the "double split" and was sold and an M&W turbo installed by request of the new owner.
A 6 ft flail mower would have been nice.