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Cub Cadet 7274 Rotary Cutter Size

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May 13, 2023
Crestview, FL
I have a Cub Cadet 7274 I picked up at an Auction. Now that I've completed a front axle rebuild, engine work, and rebuilt the loader cylinders, I have a great little tractor. The front loader is the only implement I have. Looking to find a rotary cutter (bush hog), but none of the spec sheets show recommended size. The only mowers listed for this tractor are belly mowers. Not sure I'd ever find one. Three-point rear rotary cutters are numerous on most selling platforms at good prices. Anyone familiar with the 7274 and whether a 5ft bush hog would be a good fit? Also, what size box blade, 4ft or 5ft? I've gotten mixed comments from folks on that. Thanks
Most "bush hogs" have a recommended horse power rating listed in the sales literature, as do most reputable dealers of box blades, land planes, and most any attachment really. Don't go to TSC or other farm store for advice, head to a dedicated reputable dealer. Online, I would check out "good works tractors." They respond very well to emails, and have a YouTube channel that they review tractor attachments on.
The 4ft bush hog is rated for 18-40hp tractors. The 5 and 6 footers are for tractors with 20-60hp, and I believe you would want that at the pto, not engine. In my opinion, since your tractor is factory rated at 27hp at the engine and 23 hp at the pto, I would think the 4 foot bush hog would be no problem, and would probably handle a 5 foot in all conditions except the deep, ultra thick grass, providing your 3 point can lift the weight and keep the front end down while the mower is in the air during transport. Remember that the weight of a bush hog is further back that other attachments like a flail mower or rototiller.

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