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Cub Cadet 126 - electrical problems

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The starter is turning the right way if it starts the tractor. It is also polarized every time you do start the engine . The field circuit is a function of ground so the field wire needs a good connection to the regulator and the regulator needs to be very well grounded.
Robert, If the s/g ran backwards wouldn't the engine have to as well? It's a 50 yr old machine so if the s/g has never had a cleanup with new brushes , it's likely overdue. I just had one done by a rebuild shop because the armature was so cruddy it needed to be turned(brush contact area) down a few thousands. Changing brushes can be challenging as well....A thought to pass on, the engines are facing towards the back of the machine so be cautious in your description.. ..What does wiped out batteries mean??